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Dr. Mayur Davda, a dental surgeon by profession has an eye for beauty in everything he sees around him. Starting with wildlife and nature photography he moved on to wedding, product, macro, fashion photography and is now completely dedicated to fine art photography and dental/ medical photography.

As a wildlifer and a nature enthusiast he firmly believes that people should go into the jungles with a purpose to understand the creatures and not just to click them. To understand the birds better while he clicked them he pursued ornithology from BNHS and also underwent bird call recording training.

He loves teaching about photography as much as he loves shooting… It is due to his passion for dentistry and photography that he started Dental Photography School in 2013 (www.dentalphotographyschool.in) DPS is currently the only institute in India dedicated toward training and research in photography related to dental / medical field.

He has to his credit many accolades like Television interviews on national television for fine art photography, cover shot and interviews in photography magazines and innumerable publications in travel magazines, newspaper dailies and dental journals.

He has exhibited fine art photography in some of the finest art festivals/ galleries of India like Kalaghoda Art Fest, INDEX, Taj Lit Fest, Youth Photography Festival, and Jehangir Art Gallery etc.

A direct comparison between the luxurious skyline of Mumbai and the hardworking fishermen at Elephanta Island..

A very interesting concept but extremely difficult shot Shot in a completely dark room to avoid light being s..

Featured in Lonely Planet Jan 2015 Issue. Malabar Gliding frogs come out in the open during the monsoon seaso..

I love to illuminate using backlight. Sunlight in this instance has been effectively used to reinforce the tr..

More commonly known as moss, the image is of the reproductive capsules called sporangium capsules commonly se..

Common Mormon Larva emerging from its egg. I had to wait day and night for weeks to get this shot, Its extrem..

I've always enjoyed shooting for products …. Especially Jewelry for the challenges it offers due to th..

Aeginetia indica is a holoparasitic herb which occurs in Asia and is commonly known as Forest Ghost Flower...

Probably one of my favorite formations. As always I couldn’t predict what's coming up for me and I just..

Ants are the most hardworking species according to me and they never stop for a second … which is exac..

A female 2 striped jumping spider waiting for its kill. These spiders are unique because unlike others they d..

An image useful for studying the internal tooth structure of the tooth. This is a high magnification image of..

One of my most favorite images because one doesn't get to shoot such teeth often and also because this image ..

Its amazing how beautiful the world around us is … even the mushrooms growing on dead decayed material..

Very rarely do we understand wildlife completely … Chameleons are no different. Perhaps one of the lon..

A very simple image of my neighbor's daughter shot indoors at her home when she was barely a year old. This i..