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I call India home, having lived here all my life and bought up with both indian as well as chinese values instilled in me. My school life was spent at the St. Columba's School, New Delhi dabbling with calligraphy, arts & crafts and sketching.

After school, I left home to study at the Light & Life Academy, Ooty (Tamil Nadu) to pursue a course in professional photography. After studying for 2 years I assisted commercial photographer & founder of Light & Life Academy, Mr. Iqbal Mohamed. Having learnt the finer details of the business as an assistant photographer, I stepped into the world of commercial photography on my own and have been shooting professionally since 2005 catering to many national and international brands.

My work takes me to various parts of the globe, including Oman, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. Traveling is what I enjoy the most; and while I am at it, shooting and documenting all that I see and experience is a passion that is very close to my heart.

I like sharing my work with people who appreciate photography and have a passion for the arts.

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