Adopt a Village initiative

‘Adopt a Village’ Initiative aims at the overall development of the village with a focus on Canon – 4 E’s in terms of improving Education facilities, Environment conservation, Eye care services and Empowering the villagers. After touching several lives in the villages adopted in Haryana, Bangalore and Mumbai; Canon India has recently announced the adoption of 5th village Maheshwari, Rewari, Haryana.

Canon India’s ‘Adopt a Village’ initiative, started in 2012, has already made a discernable impact in Ferozepur Namak Village in Haryana, Maharaja Katte Village in Bengaluru, Karanjoti Village in the Thane district of Maharashtra and Sol Gohalia in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Education - Resource Centers are established in our adopted village’s school compounds with 2 full-time dedicated teachers. The main role of teachers is to identify academically weak students and strengthen their concepts. In 2018, many creative activities such as drawing, painting, slogan writing, English writing, science experiments and learning tables in mathematics etc. were carried out.

Eye Care - Vision Center are established in our adopted villages where patients get their eyes tested by the vision technicians, who also mobilize other cluster villages to avail the services of the center.

Empowerment -Vocational Training Center Vocational Training Centers are set-up in our adopted villages across India to provide skill based training to the children and youth to empower them to be financially independent.

Environment - Our objective is to make a clean and green environment by teaching youth about the importance of protecting and conserving our environment. We also aim to create a sustainable and healthy living environment for the community.

Maharaja Katte Village, Bangalore

The project was inaugurated in June, 2014 in Maharaja Katte village in Kanakpura district in Bangalore. The project is aligned with the core areas of 4Es of ‘Canon India Involve’ initiative. Intent was to make the villagers self-reliant, streamline all the functions in the village, improve the enrollment ratio and introduce vocational training center for the community youth.


  • A total of 74 children participated in activities conducted in Resource Center
  • 2 Excursions were organized at Bannerghatta Zoo and water fall where 60 children participated
  • 4 Cultural and sports programmes were conduced for children
  • Parent teacher meetings were organized on regular basis
  • Students conducted rallies in the village on various issues – girl child education, cleanliness etc
  • Monthly meetings with school management committees
  • Ground water recharge & rain water harvesting system was installed in the school


  • 4 cleanliness drives were organized in the village with the support of school staff, students and members of the community to provide awareness on basic health and hygiene
  • 35 kitchen gardens were established in the community. Home to home visits were also organized to generate awareness on the importance of kitchen garden
  • Eco-friendly dustbins were installed in the school
  • 223 saplings were planted near school premises by the children

Eye Care

  • 440 patients visited the center for vision check-up
  • 15 patients were referred to nearby government hospital for further treatment of cataract operations
  • Senior ophthalmologist visits the vision center on regular basis before referring patients to the hospital
  • During the year, 5 eye camps were organized in the village and nearby communities where 95 people visited the camp and were further treated
  • 34 community members and 3 school children with poor vision were provided spectacles free of cost


  • 74 children from primary school were enrolled in the computer class to learn the basics of computer operations as part of their curriculum
  • To create livelihood opportunities for the community women, a new initiative of stitching and tailoring was launched in the village. During the year, 3 batches with 15 women in each were trained. They learned from basics till advanced stitching techniques under the guidance of an expert


Introduction of Experiential Learning through Bank & Post Office visits


12 hours of Teachers’ training conducted


Introduction of Visual Learning through charts, maps, audio-visual presentations, etc.


  • “It is a wonderful initiative by Canon that integrates Eye Care, Education and Environment. This is the first time that a Corporate has extended their help to support my school. The charts and the educational aids are very helpful tools for our children to learn better.”

    – Head Master, Maharaja Katte School

  • “I am very happy that Canon has set up this Vision Centre in our village. Earlier, we had to walk or spend a whole day on our eye check-up. This time the eye camp helped us a lot with the check-up and then the operation. I am grateful to you all for the cataract surgery. Thank you very much.”

    – Mr. Ramsanjeevaih, a male eye patient

  • “Thank you for helping me to see better. After the operation, I received good care in the eye hospital and now I can do my day-to-day activities properly.”

    – Ms. Jyoti, a female eye patient