Ferozepur Namak village, Haryana

In 2012, Canon India started its initiative, ‘Adopt a Village’ in Ferozepur Namak, Mewat district, Haryana with an aim to support the village with core interventions in 4 areas – Education, Environment, Eye Care and Empowerment.


Our objective is to holistically develop the quality of education in the village by emphasizing on improving enrolment of children in school and providing optimum age-appropriate learning for each child. A Resource Center has been initiated at Ferozepur Namak Village’s school compound. On an average, 30 students and one full-time dedicated teacher are coming to the center. The main role of teacher is to identify weaker areas of the children and strengthen those aspects. During the year, many creative activities were carried out such as drawing, painting, slogan writing, English sentences, Science experiments and tables in Math. The overall impact of these activities is:

Impact Achieved

  • Participation level of children has increased in school activities,
  • Regularity and punctuality of children in attending the school has been improved,
  • Increase in self-motivation, and
  • Urge to explore more creative opportunities

Other important initiatives in the field of Education are:

  • Students are encouraged to study books, newspapers, solve puzzles, play indoor & outdoor games and learn musical instruments in Resource Centre.
  • E-learning has been introduced in which various subjects are being taught through animated videos on screen.
  • Toilets have been revamped; new Water Tanks, child-friendly water station and RO facility have been installed.
  • Water Harvesting has been done for optimum utilization of rain water and solve the problem of water scarcity.
  • Nine Mohalla Meetings were organized to increase community participation and provide information on different sanitation issues, importance of hand washing, education and project initiatives.
  • Two Gram Sabha Meetings were organized to discuss about the Government initiatives, village development, women related issues, education and health.
  • Five Life Skill Education Meetings were organized for the girls to empower them towards improvement in lifestyle, enhancement in decision making and maintenance of personal hygiene.
  • Three School Management Committees (SMCs) have been formed for better interaction between parents and teachers.
  • Creative activities like drawing competitions were organized to promote and enhance cognitive and psychological development of students.
  • Hobby sessions were conducted with 50 students. Boys and girls were excited to recognize and share their dreams and hobbies.
  • Installed RO with water cooler in school for safe drinking water. Children along with school staff are consuming safe drinking water in school premises. A total of 1500 children have an access to safe drinking water.
  • Proper toilet facilities, water availability and other hygienic conditions like white wash in the school have resulted in an increased attendance of children.


Our objective is to provide a cleaner, better and greener environment by teaching youth about the importance of a better environment and its nurturance.

Impact Achieved

  • A tree plantation drive has been conducted in which 50 saplings were planted by employees and students.
  • Environment-friendly solar panels have been installed to solve the problem of erratic power supply in the school.
  • Solar Lights have been installed to prevent cases of theft/damage during the dark hours.
  • Rain water harvesting project has been constructed in school premises in order to meet water requirement and recharge ground water.

Eye Care

A Vision Center has been established at Ferozepur Namak village in which patients are getting their eyes tested by the vision technician, who also mobilizes other cluster villages to avail the services of the center.

  • During the year, 625 patients visited the Vision Centre for eye check-up.
  • 222 patients were screened for cataract operation and referred to nearby govt. hospital.
  • 5 eye screening camps were organized and meetings were held with the community in adjoining villages through organising eye screening camps and distribution of free spectacles.
S. No. Vision Centre Status Children Adult Total


No. of patient who visited the Vision Centre for check-up 102 64 251 208 625

No. of patients referred for spectacles 28 17 98 85 228

No. of patients diagnosed 45 34 69 74 222
4 No. of patients referred to hospital 45 34 69 74 222

Impact Achieved

  • Total patients screened - 11001
  • Total surgeries conducted - 566
  • Total camps organized - 122
  • Total spectacles provided - 110


Vocational Training Center (VTC) has been established in the village with an objective to enhance skills of school girls and boys along with the village youth. VTC was inaugurated by Mr. Kobayashi on 16th November 2016. In this center, children and village youth will be provided training on computer skills. The technical trainings will build self-confidence and empower students to choose their career in the right direction.


45% increase in overall enrolment


135% increase in enrolment of girls

Feedback from Ferozepur Namak Students

  • “The resource center is my favorite place as I can do a lot of creative activities here.”

    - Akhtar

  • “I feel really proud and also very interested in learning at the resource center.”

    - Hamida

  • “Our teacher provides us great inputs and we get learning opportunity at the resource center.”

    - Khurshida