Five monthly meetings were conducted with School Management Committee during the year


  • Cleaning drives were conducted in which 80 people participated from the village
  • 20 kitchen gardens were established during the year
  • Tree plantation activity continued with active involvement of 80 community people. Collectively they planted 183 saplings

eye care

During the year, 113 community members benefitted from the vision center. Eye camps were also conducted in nearby villages

  • No. of visits by ophthalmologist – 2
  • No. of patients referred to hospital – 2
  • No. of people who received spectacles – 29


  • To create livelihood opportunities for the community women, a tailoring batch was started in the village. During the year, 16 women were enrolled to learn basics till advanced stitching techniques under the guidance of an expert
  • 2 batch of computer course were conducted during the year, in which 30 community youth were enrolled
  • The renovation work of the school’s infrastructure such as lights, toilets, stage, water RO system, etc., was completed during the year, post lockdown