A total of 65 students participated in Resource center activities and enrolled in e-learning module of teaching. These students were continuously monitored and are continuing learning through tablets and digital content, that too at their doorstep.

  • 10 Parent teacher meetings were organized on different issues like health, hygiene, safety etc. Parents were made aware of the Computer training and beautician course. This was intending to reach out to the needy and ensure that the maximum numbers of villagers are benefitted. The project staff strictly implemented the COVID-19 protocols during the meetings
  • Six School Management Committees (SMCs) have been formed for better interaction between parents and teachers. 8 such meetings were conducted in the year
  • 1 campaign rally was successfully organised with a purpose to spread awareness on various important matters related to life and environment. Slogans, posters, banners and placards were used to attract attention of the community people to create awareness on the topics – Republic day, education for all and health awareness


  • 3 cleaning actions were organized in which 71 people participated from the village
  • 30 kitchen gardens were established in the village to improve health by consuming organic food. Village people were told about the benefits of the Kitchen Garden and the process of establishing and maintaining them. The project team personally visited the households and educated them on how they could use even a tiny space in their house to establish a kitchen garden and reap the benefits of healthy vegetables
  • Tree plantation was done by involving 34 community people, where they collectively they planted 100 saplings in and around the village


During the year, 1174 community members benefitted from the vision center.

  • Senior ophthalmologist visited the vision center 14 times, thereby checking 480 patients
  • 3 eye camps were also conducted in nearby villages in which 187 community members participated
  • 5 patients were referred to nearby Government hospital for further treatment
  • People identified with poor vision were given spectacles completely free of cost. A total of 122 people benefitted from the provision


Studying the need of the community, 2 trainings were executed in the village

  • Computer training – Three batches of computer course were conducted during the year, in which 45 community youth were enrolled and trained. Students were taught computer fundamentals, operating system, MS- Office (Word, PowerPoint,Excel), computer communication (internet, net surfing), theory writing and MS office. The participants also learnt to fill-up the online forms for various competitive examinations. The vocational teacher has been coaching students on both practical and theoretical thoroughly
  • Beautician training – 45 students have successfully been enrolled in tailoring course, and are actively learning stitching, repair works, designing, making new dresses. The students are now ready to render their services in the market and earn their livelihood or add another livelihood option as a result to increase their skillsets