A total of 84 children participated in the Resource Center activities.

  • E-learning activity and a library was set up for the children
  • Exposure visits were organized for children to Shivneri Fort and a sugar mill where 57 children participated
  • Monthly meetings were conducted with parents to keep them updated about the progress of their child
  • 12 Rallies/campaigns were conducted on various social issues


  • Cleanliness drive was organized once in each quarter involving school children and the management
  • 327 saplings were planted near the school premises
  • 15 kitchen gardens were established


  • 4 eye camps were organized in the village and nearby communities in 2019 which reached out to 278 community people
  • 469 patients visited the Vision Center for check-up
  • Senior ophthalmologist visits the vision center on a regular basis before referring patients to the hospital
  • 28 patients were referred to the hospital for further treatment to a nearby Government hospital, out of which 4 cataract operations were done in a year
  • 101 community members with poor vision were given spectacles


  • 84 children from primary school were enrolled in the computer class to learn the basics of computer operations as a part of their curriculum
  • 3 batches of computer training course were conducted for the community youth, with 15 children in each batch. All the 45 children were felicitated for successfully completing the course

Infrastructure Development

  • Installation of groundwater recharge & rainwater harvesting system