A total of 259 students participated in Resource center activities and enrolled in e-learning module of teaching

  • 102 students continued remedial education
  • 6 School Management Committees (SMCs) have been formed for better interaction between parents and teachers
  • 11 Parent Teacher Meetings were organized
  • 1 cultural and sports program was organized
  • 6 Monthly Meetings conducted with School Management Committee



  • Three cleaning drives were organized in which 56 people participated from the village
  • 16 kitchen gardens were established during the year
  • Tree plantation activity continued with active involvement of 30 community people. They planted 150 saplings collectively

eye care

During the year, 653 community members benefitted from the vision center. Eye camps were also conducted in nearby villages

  • Visits by ophthalmologist – 8
  • No. of patients referred to hospital – 17
  • Free operation conducted from nearby Govt. hospital – 1
  • No. of people who received spectacles – 66


  • Three batches of computer course were conducted during the year, in which 46 community youth were enrolled
  • 16 youths successfully completed the course and were felicitated
  • All students of resource center (259) were enrolled and trained in digital education