New Chapter in Our CSR Endeavour

‘Adopt a village’, project was launched with a view to contribute to the society in which we live. The program intends to focus on the development of society along our key focus areas including Education, Eye Care, Empowerment and Environment, which also form the basic requirements of a human being. The initiative intends to work on the overall development of our adopted villages in Mumbai (West India), Bangalore (South India), Kolkata (East India) and Haryana (North India).

After making our adopted village in Mumbai (West India) sustainable by working for the upliftment of the village for consecutive 5 years, 2021 marked the year for extending our association to a new village in West India – Parivali.

During adoption, we realised the need to work on the infrastructure development of the school. Hence focus was laid on renovation of the school stage, construction of separate toilets for both boys and girls, construction of new classroom, installation of RO water system for school children.