A total of 134 students participated in Resource center activities and enrolled in e-learning module of teaching

  • 69 students enrolled in e-learning class
  • 8 Parent Teacher Meetings were organized in 2021 by visiting parents at their door steps, to avoid over-crowding in the school. These meetings were also used as a platform to briefly apprise the parents on the importance of learning materials, and the need to take special care of their children during this extraordinary Period
  • Eight meetings with School Management Committee (SMC) were organized during the year. SMCs have been formed for better interaction between parents and teachers


  • In the monsoon season, 110 trees were planted in the village. 30 students of the Vocational centre actively volunteered and supported the project staff in this initiative
  • 2 cleaning actions were organized in which 87 people participated from the village
  • In order to encourage people to use fresh grown vegetables, 31 kitchen garden were established in the community


During the year, 1152 community members benefitted from the vision center. All necessary precautions were taken to ensure safety of the people.

  • 3 eye camps were also conducted in nearby villages which reached out to 261 people. During these camps, staff ensured maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and sanitizing hands at regular intervals
  • Senior ophthalmologist visited 13 times in a year and check 319 patients. Out of this, 51 patients were referred to nearby Government hospital for further treatment
  • 270 people were provided with free spectacles, out of which 4 were school going children


Two activities were conducted majorily under empowerment,
  • Computer training – 3 batches of computer course were conducted during the year, in which 41 community youth were trained. To avoid any crowd, the team divided the batch of 15 in two groups. The first group attend the classes in the morning, and the second group attend the classes in the evening
  • Beautician training – 45 girls/ women from community were identified and trained on basics of make-up course. The session was conducted in 3 batches