The Resource Center has 70 children of the school along with 2 dedicated teachers.

  • To communicate the progress of the children to parents, meetings were organized on a regular basis. A total of 12 meetings were conducted
  • Various cultural and sports programmes were conducted throughout the year
  • 60 children were taken for learning exposure to Science City
  • During the year, 21 meetings were conducted with school management committee on various issues
  • 14 Rallies/ campaigns were conducted on various significant issues in the school


  • 4 cleanliness drives were organized with enthusiastic participation of 198 villagers
  • 150 trees were planted in and around the school by the children
  • 15 kitchen gardens were developed in the village with the community connect and interactions on healthy eating habits


  • A total of 334 people from the community participated in the eye camps. 4 such camps were organized in and around the village
  • 1391 patients visited the Vision Center for eye check-up
  • 64 patients were referred to the Government hospital for further treatment
  • 25 community members with poor vision were provided with spectacles


  • 70 children from primary school were enrolled in the computer class to learn the basics of computer operations as a part of their curriculum
  • 3 batches of computer training course was conducted for the community youth, with 15 children in each batch. All the 45 children were felicitated for successfully completing the course

Infrastructure Development

  • Whitewash of school building was done
  • Repair of classrooms and windows