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       Dear partners,

       Hope that you are in good health and keeping

       With the emergence of second wave of
       Coronavirus, the last few months have been
       difficult and challenging for most of us, and
       my heart goes out to each one of you. In these
       unprecedented times, it is not easy to balance
       the demands of personal life while juggling
       with our professional commitments. On behalf
       of Canon India, I would like to commend you
       all in showing resilience and strength in such

       With your constant support and perseverance,
       we have been able to continue the business
       momentum. I would like to acknowledge your
       hard work and forthcoming attitude during
       these times, which has been helping us to sail
       through these difficult phases.

       While there has been a decline in the second
       wave now, however we should not let our
       guard down and take all the necessary
       precautions. Vaccination should be our first
       line of defense in our battle against COVID-19,
       hence I encourage each one of you to get
       yourself and your family members vaccinated.

       Please take care and stay safe. I am sure that
       we will be able to overcome and come out
       even stronger by the end of it.

       Warm Regards,
       Manabu Yamazaki
       President & CEO,
       Canon India Pvt. Ltd.

       2                                                                                    Issue 27 | April-June 2021
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