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       The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything           environment becoming the new norm, companies
       about the workplace. From going to office 5-6 days     and employees are doing everything possible to
       a  week,  to  working  from  home  every  day  –  we   ensure a smooth synchronisation between remote
       really have come a long way. With a hybrid working     and office workers.

                                                              Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to
                                                              supporting businesses through this new way of
                                                              working, Canon is proud to announce that it is the
                                                              recipient of a BLI 2021 Outstanding Achievement
                                                              Award for Hybrid Workplace Scan Technology
                                                              from Keypoint Intelligence.

                                                              Keypoint Intelligence has been recognised
                                                              as the industry’s most trusted resource for
                                                              unbiased  information,  analysis,  and  awards  due
                                                              to decades of analyst experience. The award win
                                                              is a testament to Canon’s class-leading solutions
                                                              aimed at enabling remote and hybrid working.

                                                              In  line  with  the  same,  we  organized  awareness

                                                              campaigns for our leading solution offerings –
                                                              Therefore Online and Kofax Power PDF on how
                                                              they  can be  useful to  organizations  in  the new
                                                              normal of hybrid working.

                                                              The awareness campaigns on Kofax Power PDF
                                                              were  also  organized  in  North,  South  and  West

                                                              regions, which were attended by 65 partners
                                                              across all three regions. The partners found the
                                                              interactive demo sessions useful and informative
                                                              and were optimistic about taking the offering to
                                                              their customers.

       4                                                                                    Issue 27 | April-June 2021
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