Page 5 - CIPL eLeap - Issue 27_April to June, 2021
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Additionally,   a   successful
       media outreach campaign
       was conducted on social
       media platforms for Therefore
       Online.      Through       our

       communication on Facebook
       and LinkedIn, we highlighted
       how Therefore Online helps
       with secure document access
       from anytime, anywhere. The
       campaign     garnered     over
       impressions and more than

       2500 engagements.


       In July 2019, the ‘Green Environment Together’         be balanced. Leveraging this milestone, a press
       (GET) Initiative was launched by us as a positive      release was issued to the media, through which
       step towards nurturing the environment. As part of     we have secured over 140+ media coverage.
       the initiative, we are committed towards planting      Furthermore, a social media campaign was also
       a tree on the purchase of every laser copier/          executed to thank our direct customers for their
       MULTI-FUNCTION  Device  (MFD)  by  our  direct         continued trust in the brand and being a part of a
       customers. We are elated to witness the success        noble initiative.
       of our GET initiative  as
       we  have  planted  the
       20,000th sapling in less
       than two years of its
       commencement.         This
       initiative has enabled us
       to create an ecosystem
       with our customers where
       we can build a greener
       and better future together.

       As a leading player in
       the printing segment and
       a socially responsible
       company, we believe that
       our business footprint on
       the environment should

       5                                                                                     Issue 27 | April-June 2021
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