Page 7 - CIPL eLeap - Issue 27_April to June, 2021
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       To  promote  and  drive  preference  for  the  newly   influencers provided valuable content that added
       launched Canon PIXMA G series printers, we             to their social media presence also, ensuring value
       initiated an influencer campaign targeting             on both sides and helped position the PIXMA G
       illustrators, lifestyle and mommy influencers who      series Ink tank printers as easy refillable ink tank,
       became the credible voices to highlight the use        wireless, all-in-one printer that enables users to
       case scenarios of the Canon PIXMA G series             adapt to a remote working environment.
       printers. As part of the campaign, the influencers
       narrated their journey from buying the printer         The campaign helped reach out to 1.3 Mn users
       to sharing their experiences. All influencers          and secured an overall engagement of 2.8 Mn
       highlighted that the new PIXMA G series ink            with the audience showing interest in buying the
       tank printers helped them boost productivity           new printers. Additionally, the campaign helped us
       while working from home and explore their              expand our reach and positioning online.
       creative streak with the Canon creative park. The

       Images uploaded by influencers on Instagram, highlighting how Canon PIXMA printers have made
                                             Learning From Home easier

       7                                                                                     Issue 27 | April-June 2021
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