Page 8 - CIPL eLeap - Issue 27_April to June, 2021
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       Amidst the second wave of pandemic, all of us          learned. This was followed by a quick quiz for 10
       were surrounded by negative and devastating            minutes on Canon’s product range and a refresher
       news. In these challenging times, partners and         to remember our product line. The last part of the
       sales team were far from talking about business        session was all about sharing some success stories
       and hence, we thought about connecting with            which can be an inspiration to all others.
       them through an informal interactive session. The
       idea was to connect with partners and sales team       Overall these were sessions were in light-hearted
       and chat without having business as the agenda –       manner where we cheered and inspired each
       to divert their attention, even for some time, from    other to get back soon for active business.
       all the negativities and bring hope amongst them.

       This was a joint activity by WFI – PPP Sales,
       Marketing and HRDA team and three sessions
       have already been done for North, East and West
       regions through Zoom Meet.

       The whole session was divided into three parts –
       where in the first part had everyone introducing
       themselves and talked about how the new normal
       has been for them. They also shared insights on any     Screenshot from the online interactive session
       interesting event in their life or new things they have                   with partners


       To support our customers, we
       extended warranty on all Canon
       products  till  30th  June  whose
       standard/extended warranty was
       expiring between 15th April-31st
       May. In the current challenging
       situation, it remains our endeavor
       to assure our customers of
       complete peace of mind in line with
       our commitment towards ensuring
       customer delight.  Through these
       service initiatives along with
       constant  remote support,  our
       customers will continue to enjoy a
       hassle free service.

       8                                                                                    Issue 27 | April-June 2021
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