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       With an objective to reach out to all our customers, partners, renowned
       photographers and corporates, we successfully conducted around 25 online
       customer interactions using Zoom platform across North India.

       The webinar started with a Q&A session where we addressed queries on the
       working of DSLRs, several unexplored features, and further highlighted the
       importance of mirrorless cameras and lenses. Additionally, we also shared
       details around some of our key products such as M & R series of cameras
       with specific focus on EOS R/RP & M200/M50, EOS R5 & R6 and RF lenses.

       We also conducted sessions on new emerging genres such as Kids
       Photography, Filmmaking, Cinematography, Bird/Wildlife Photography,
       Fashion Photography & Creative lighting.

       Webinars have been a great way to manage and enhance our relationships
       with our Partners who have themselves appreciated such concise and                   Screenshot from
       interactive zoom sessions arranged by Canon. The event saw participation           the Zoom customer
       from 350 attendees including corporate employees, photography institutes,              interactions
       colleges & schools.


       Continuing the format of virtual engagement, we have conducted 14 webinars in Q2 on different
       language & genres like wedding, fashion, street etc. We saw an active participation from more than 1200
       photographers who showed keen interest to participate in every workshop. During the course of the
       webinars, important tips & tricks were shared by our mentors to make it more exciting and interesting for
       the audience. In every webinar we have laid special emphasis on our newly launched model R5 & R6.
       We have also associated with many photography groups & photography associations to reach out to all
       potential buyers through webinars.

        Screenshot from an online
        workshop on photography
               tips for users

                                                                                             Issue 27 | April-June 2021
       9 9                                                                                  Issue 27 | April-June 2021
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