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       With an objective to build a strong recall value for Canon’s
       camera business amongst social media audience, Mr. Manabu
       Yamazaki, President & CEO, Canon India participated in an
       Instagram Live session hosted by Asian Photography, one of
       the prominent photography magazines in India and moderated
       by Mr. Bhavya Desai, Editor.

       Through the interaction, Mr. Manabu shared his views on the
       trends, products and the future of imaging industry. Overall,
       he gave an optimistic outlook for the camera business in the
       coming years aided by multiple new opportunities.

       Video URL:

                                                              Addressing the positive business momentum in
                                                              the market and highlighting Canon India’s sales
                                                              recoveries  in 2021, Mr. Manabu interacted  with
                                                              Press Trust of India, the leading newswire in India.

                                                              Through the interview, Mr. Manabu highlighted
                                                              that Canon India is well on its path to achieve good
                                                              growth in 2021, reaching pre-pandemic level. The
                                                              story also sheds light on our various strategies
                                                              adopted for business expansion including focusing
                                                              on domains like education, OTT platforms, home
                                                              printing and office automation solutions.

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       11                                                                               Issue 28 | July-September 2021
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