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To promote brand visibility and increase thought leadership in
          media,  Mr.  Manabu  Yamazaki,  President  &  CEO,  Canon  India
          interacted with Financial Express-After Hours (one of the leading
          financial daily) and Times Jobs (a prominent HR portal). Through
          the interactions, Mr. Manabu highlighted his role at Canon India,
          his career highlights, his vision for the country along with sharing
          a glimpse into his personal life.

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                                                              To build a strong corporate image amongst the
                                                              channel community, an exclusive interaction with
                                                              Mr. Manabu was featured in the annual edition of
                                                              VAR India Brandbook 2021.

                                                              Through the interview, Mr. Manabu shed light on
                                                              our strategy of ‘Reset and Restart’, by increasing
                                                              the business through strengths in existing divisions
                                                              and expanding horizons to newer avenues.

                                                              He further highlights some of our latest initiatives
                                                              for customers and partners, intended to enhance
                                                              customer experience.

       12                                                                              Issue 28 | July-September 2021
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