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       The entrepreneurship culture continues to
       grow in the country, with SMEs and SOHOs
       looking at strengthening their workflow and
       infrastructure to scale their business further.
       We are seeing a greater adoption of mobile
       and cloud printing amongst small businesses,
       along with the increasing demand for high
       volume colour printing. As a leading imaging
       brand, we want to play an important role
       in their growth journey by providing  them
       with innovative products in line with their
       requirements. In line with this vision, we
       have expanded our line-up with the launch              colour pages whenever the need arises without
       of the MAXIFY GX7070 and MAXIFY GX6070 ink             having to worry about the cost.
       tank printers. These printers will help small set-
       ups streamline their printing infrastructure and       The ability to print on a variety of textures and print
       increase employee productivity by leveraging the       surfaces also ensures businesses do not need
       high volume efficient colour printing feature.
                                                              to buy different printers when there is a need to
                                                              switch between envelopes, labels, glossy paper,
       The  MAXIFY  GX7070 and  MAXIFY GX6070                 and banner paper.
       also feature a game-changing modular, user-
       replaceable maintenance cartridge that can be          Water Resistant Documents Resist Smudging
       obtained over the counter in retail. The benefits      and Accidental Water Spills
       of this design are twofold, i.e., minimizing device
       downtime when faced with the daunting prospect         The use of pigment inks delivers water-resistant
       of a large number of prints yet to be completed,       document prints on plain paper, lending a laser
       and the removal of the need to schedule a service      print-like quality not found in conventional inkjet
       visit or to carry the printer to the nearest service   printers.
                                                              Increasing Business Efficiency and Productivity

       High Yield Ink Bottles with Low Colour Printing        Both printers come with an automatic document
       Costs                                                  feeder (ADF). Together with the convenience of a
       Large ink tanks and high-volume ink bottles            front-USB port, users can load up to 50 sheets of
       significantly reduce ink costs for both monochrome     document originals on the ADF to be duplicated or
       and colour printing. A full set of ink delivers        scanned into digital storage, on their computers,
       approximately 6,000 grayscale pages and 14,000         USB-removable storage, and even into mobile
       pages in colour. For businesses that need to print     devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. On the
       even more without compromising on quality and          MAXIFY GX7070, there is an additional bonus in
       text legibility, an Economy mode setting pushes        single-pass duplex scanning, where both sides of
       output to 9,000 and 21,000 pages of grayscale          a two-sided document can be scanned in a single
       and colour respectively. Businesses can now print      paper pass.

       5                                                                                Issue 28 | July-September 2021
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