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       Aiming  to  fuel  growth  in the  digital  printing  market,
       we are delighted to launch the new imagePROGRAF
       TX 5410, to support our customers with enhanced
       productivity supported by patented technologies,
       higher revenue with enhanced colour consistency,
       advanced media versatility.

       The imagePROGRAF TX 5410 is equipped with core
       technologies  such as  L-COA  PRO  Processor,  high
       precision mechanical platform, LUCIA TD All pigment
       5-colour  ink and a  fine print  head. The 44”  printer
       is  designed  for  businesses  that  demand  advanced   while the sub ink tank system allows empty ink tanks
       productivity, reliable quality and streamlined workflow.   to be replaced while the printer continues to print,
       With dual-roll feeding and impressive media handling   maximizing productivity.
       capabilities, the TX-5410 is ideal for printing CAD
       drawings and posters.                                  3.  Unparalleled Print Quality and LUCIA TD Pigment
                                                              Ink: The imagePROGRAF TX 5410 feature five-colour,
       Key features of imagePROGRAF TX 5410                   full pigment LUCIA TD inks to deliver impressive line
       1.  Fast Print Speed: The imagePROGRAF TX 5410         sharpness fine lines and edge-to-edge colours with
       features faster output during continuous printing by   remarkably reduced bleeding  even on uncoated
       optimising the pre-processing of print data, process of   papers. The LUCIA TD inks offer high water and
       media cutting and media transport. Pre-print operation   weather resistance.
       and  print  spooling  have  been  optimised  to  achieve   4.  Borderless Printing: Borderless printing on
       faster first print from standby or sleep mode.
                                                              standard and custom sizes is now possible for all
       2.  Productivity at Its Peak: Dual roll feeding unit   supported media. The printer is also capable of three-
       enables users to load up to two rolls of media,        sided edge-to-edge printing on various sizes that
       reducing the frequency of switching between different   do not match the roll paper width. This allows more
       media types or sizes in high volume printing. Optional   flexibility in borderless printing task compared to the
       stacker supports stacking of up to 100 A0 size sheets,   traditional standard four-sided borderless print.


       As the controls around the lockdown begin to ease and   Customer Assistance
       business continuity resumes slowly, we have resumed    We continue to offer you unmatched service quality
       operations  in all  major cities  in India.  Our Service  &   and with our state-of-the-art infrastructure deployed to
       Support team is operational and actively addressing    support the Customer Service team while working from
       needs of all partners and customers. We are working    home. Customers can reach out to us through chat
       to continuously optimize our network and offer you the   assistants- WhatsApp on 9108510853, Mobile Apps,
       most reliable and quality service despite the prevailing   website or call our contact centre hotline.
       pandemic conditions.
                                                              Customer Safety
       Our   team    is   leveraging   collaboration   and    We  are  following  the  highest  standards  of  safety  &
       communication tools to provide our customers and       hygiene, adhering to all regulations and guidelines as
       partners, with uninterrupted, dependable solutions     laid by the national government and respective state
       and service support.                                   governments.

       6                                                                               Issue 28 | July-September 2021
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