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       Considering the importance of webinars in reaching
       out to our partners and customers, we successfully
       conducted 71 virtual customer interactions across
       North India. Through the sessions, we aimed
       to cover every aspect of photography around
       mirrorless camera and lenses, with specific focus
       on EOS R/RP, RF lenses & EOS M200/M50.

       Further, we also conducted sessions on new
       genres like Kids Photography, Filmmaking,
       Cinematography,      Bird/Wildlife    Photography,
       Fashion Photography, Creative lighting, Wedding         Group picture from the World Photography Day
       Photography and EDUWEB.                                 workshop with Procolor Academy, Chandigarh

       The sessions saw participation from 1654               1.  Physical workshop on Portrait Lightning
       attendees, including few corporate employees,              in Procolor Academy Chandigarh, with 45
       photography  Institutes,  colleges  & schools  who         participants
       were interested in photography. The partners           2.  Wedding Photography workshop in Sangrur
       really appreciated the interactive and concise             in association with Punjab Photographer
       nature of virtual sessions.
                                                                  Association, with participation from 50+
       World Photography Day collaboration                        attendees
                                                              3.  Live demo activity in Jalandhar with participation
       To increase brand visibility on World Photography          from 200+ photographers from different cities
       Day, a collaborative campaign was initiated            4.  Live demo with support of Jaisalmer
       between ICB and CSP team, conducting                       photographer association with 57+ Participants
       following online and offline activities. Along with
       photography workshops, a Click & Print activity        Through these workshops, we have been able to
       was also organized showcasing  the prowess  of         generate sales leads for both our cameras  and
       latest PIXMA G series printers.                        printers.


       In Q3 2021, we conducted 18 webinars on genres like wedding,
       fashion and street photography, where we saw participation from
       more than 1200 photographers. Through the sessions, important
       tips and tricks were shared by our mentors with special focus put
       on the flagship EOS R5 & R6.

       Additionally, we also conducted roadshows across the retail outlets
       and studios in East market, to showcase the picture quality  and
       various  applications  of  EOS  R  Series  cameras.  This  activity  has
       helped us in creating awareness about the EOS R Series Camera &
       lenses, along with generating few sales leads.                              Demonstration of EOS R
                                                                                   series during a roadshow
       Further, to increase brand visibility on World Photography Day, we also participated in some exhibitions
       organized by industry bodies such as Photography Charcha & Dumdum Photography Association.

       7                                                                                Issue 28 | July-September 2021
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