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       To build and sustain our customer engagement, we
       continued our momentum by launching webinars
       on a wide array of topics such as-
       1.  Genre based webinars, where we covered
          topics such as Choice of Cameras for Fashion
          and Wildlife, advantages of Mirrorless cameras
          in Wedding Photography, Wildlife Photography
          and Nature Trail. Attended by 379 participants
          from multiple towns of western region, the
          objective of the webinar was to position our
          different camera models, lenses & accessories        Screenshot from the webinar on EOS R system
          to users interested in different genres.
       2.  Basic & Advanced Photography webinars              3.   Product  based  photography  workshops,
          conducted in partnership with Prithvi IT and            designed to explain different products
          Sarda Distributors in Panjim and Sangli. With           (Cameras & Lenses). Through these workshops,
          142 participants, the objective of the webinars         we intended to impart photography skills
          were to train participants on basic and                 and introduce Canon product range to the
          advanced tips & techniques of photography.              participants.



       We have discovered a new target audience in the        camera photos in a professional setting. We
       form of Makeup Artists (MUA), where we focused         promoted models such as EOS 200D and M50,
       particularly on students pursuing full-time makeup     as well as mid-segment DSLRs 90D, EOS R and
       courses across academies. In India, bridal makeup      RP. This is a unique initiative by the south team
       is  a  growing  space  with  an  increasing  number    to reach out to a new market & audiences and
       of people opting for professional services at          expand our horizon across wedding photography
       weddings. Post course completion, these makeup         verticals. The students were further felicitated with
       artists  are  likely  to  start  promoting  their  own   participation certificates.
       services via social media/website by posting their
       own work.                                              Brand visibility through standees

                                                              With  Covid  19  being  on  the  rise,  we  felt  the
       To  stand  out  from  the  crowd,  it  is  essential  that   necessity to provide our partners with Point Of
       they are able to capture their work with the best      Sales Materials designed to protect our partners
       picture  quality. Over and  above their makeup         and customers. With an objective to protect our
       skills, these potential artists and small businesses   partners, the team provided protective gear to
       can build their success in the market by investing     partners across South India, with a counter shield
       in the right DSLR camera. We collaborated with         and tabletop cum hand sanitizer stand displayed
       AMA academy in Chennai to conduct an offline           at the stores. Additionally, 24 standees were
       session with 50 students, offering lessons in          placed at Photo channel partners selling camera
       DSLR photography and its benefits over standard        and printer across South.

       8                                                                               Issue 28 | July-September 2021
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