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In his new role, Mr. Manabu Yamazaki will be spearheading Canon’s business strategy
       and  operations  in  India.  Prior  to  joining  Canon  India,  he  was  working  as  the  Chief
       Regional Officer for the brand in Eastern China, overseeing various functions in the
       APAC region. Mr. Manabu has been associated with Canon since 1989 and has also
       been a notable contributor in business management across European, Middle Eastern,
       Russian, and African markets.



         Dear partners,

         Hope you all are keeping well and staying strong.

         I am delighted to join Canon India and excited to work closely with a team of highly skilled
         professionals here. Under Mr. Kobayashi’s guidance, Canon India achieved several milestones
         which are indeed noteworthy and an inspiration to many. As I have had the opportunity to be
         acquainted with him in the past, it is an honour and privilege for me to be the successor to an
         industry stalwart like him.

         Canon India is well known for its partner strength amongst peers, and you all have played an
         important role in carving a niche for the brand among customers. While I would have loved to
         meet you all in person, however the unfortunate spread of the second wave of COVID-19 has put
         us all in a difficult situation. These are indeed distressing times for us to be in, but it is important
         for us to stay strong and hope for the silver lining.

         With your support, I aim to build on Canon’s track record of success and innovation and continuing
         deliver value and delight to all stakeholders. Considering the vast reach and diversity of the
         country, we will continue with our endeavour of expanding product propositions and presence
         across different parts of the country.

         I look forward to collaborating with you to leverage new opportunities and write the next chapter
         of our success story with you, our valued business partners.

         Warm Regards,

         Manabu Yamazaki
         President & CEO,
         Canon India Pvt. Ltd.

       Mr. Yamazaki will be overseeing the strategic operations of Canon India and is tasked to strengthen the existing core
       businesses and bolster the growth in the brand’s imaging expertise in newer multiple areas in India.
       Please join us in congratulating Mr. Kobayashi and Mr. Yamazaki on their new innings.
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