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       The camera market in India is slowly approaching       which are the biggest suppliers of cameras and
       the realm of maturity. With this, comes the            equipment to such production houses.
       inevitable challenge of ‘what next?’ What new
       engines of growth can we tap into? This challenge      The  second  business  domain  targeted  was
       intensified in 2020, courtesy COVID-19 and its         Visual FX, animation and 3D game design,
       inexorable effect. True to our tradition of never,     which  is  a  big  market    in  South  India.  This  was
       never, never, never, never giving up – we forayed      the  first time  ever that  a camera  brand created
       into new territory targeting specific B2B clientele    targeted communications for these business
       that were present in key domains.                      verticals.  Here  the  key was  to   understand  &
                                                              develop communications that resonate with
       Under the collective banner of ‘B2B marketing’,        their requirements. As part of the campaign, we
       we selected four domains basis careful market          targeted top academies and companies engaged
       analysis on their business potential, accessibility    in this domain.
       and market situation.
                                                              The next target domain was YouTube Studios that
       To kickstart the campaign, we targeted OTT & Web       create/produce content. This was an experimental
       Series production houses, given the sharp increase     domain for us, which has not been tapped yet.
       of screen time owing to the pandemic. This was         Finally, we targeted documentary filmmakers, a
       the first time mirrorless cameras were targeted at     relatively familiar territory for Canon. The campaign
       the OTT domain, which is typically a Cinema EOS        was successful as we witnessed several user
       territory. Following a 360-degree approach, we         queries, and more than 50 accounts were closed
       had separate communication for rental houses,          in 2020 alone.

      5                                                                                 Issue 26 | January-March 2021
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