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       Strengthening our product portfolio in the Ink Tank    it comes with an On System guide to clean the
       printer segment with the iconic PIXMA G Series         Paper Feed Rollers that help to reduce the service
       lineup, we launched seven new Ink Tank Printers        calls and have better customer experience.
       - PIXMA G3060, PIXMA G3021, PIXMA G3020,
       PIXMA G2060, PIXMA G2021, PIXMA G2020,                 Targeted  at SOHO, jobber and home  segment,
       and PIXMA G1020. Built to stand out with high ink      we have ensured visibility for the printers with
       volumes and low-cost printing, the new PIXMA G         POS Dispatch at all retail outlets to over 2600
       Series printers include the drip-free, hands-free      partners  and presence through  our 171 PIXMA
       ink  refilling  mechanism,  and  a  user-replaceable   Zones across India. With an objective to maximize
       maintenance cartridge designed to ensure               the reach for the printers and generate a legacy,
       minimum downtime and maximum productivity for          we  collaborated  with  prominent  social  media
       homes and businesses.                                  influencers like Gogi Tech, Mobile Indian, Fone
                                                              Arena and Tech Tak through unboxing videos for
       Equipped to cater to the evolving consumer             the WiFi models G 3060 and G 3020.
       demands  and businesses  for  cost-
       efficient and reliable ink tank
       technology, the new models are
       specifically designed to deliver a
       better printing speed as well as
       Spill-Free and Easy to Handle Ink
       Filling. Additionally, the printers
       feature an ‘economy’ mode that
       helps consumers print up to 7700
       colour pages or 7600 black pages
       on economy mode. Additionally,


       Retail expansion remains one of the important medium for us to reach out to our customers. With this
       objective, we have been able to open 1186 OIC Signature stores and 181 PIXMA Zones so far across
       India. The presence of such end customer touch points is helping CSP business to reach out to the
       customers with enhanced experience and product demonstration. The expansion of the OIC Signature
       stores has been done to increase the availability of top products of consumables and also promote the
       use of genuine consumables at the retail point to end customers.

                                     Project        2019       2020     Active Stores     2021       Q2 2021
          Retail Expansion                                                 till date      target      target
        PIXMA ZONE & OIC
           Signature Store         OIC Stores        480       656           1186          500          250
                                  PIXMA ZONE          75        86            181          100          30

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