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       We  launched  the  latest  ImagePRESS  C165,              interface,  customers  can  connect  seamlessly
       multi-functional printer, which combines the best         for maximum ease of use and ensure data and
       of  Canon's  patented  technologies  and  easy            network security. Finally, as a growth partner to
       to-use  user  interface  combined  with  a  suite  of     business,  the  ImagePRESS  C165  is  also  an
       security  tools.  The  ImagePRESS  C165  delivers         easy fit in the existing setup due to its compact
       professional  quality  documents  and  of ers  a          size  and  low  power  consumption,  enabling
       high-productivity  output  of  65-ppm,  low  power        businesses to save more.
       consumption,  seamless  connectivity,  equipped
       to  meet  the  diverse  needs  of  print  shops,
       creative agencies and corporate of  ces.

       The ImagePRESS C165 addresses the evolving
       business  demands,  aiding  customers  with
       optimal     productivity     and     remarkable
       impression in terms of output. In line with our
       motto  of  'Do  More',  the  machine  will  enable
       users  to  expand  their  business  and  move
       beyond  the  current  realm  of  work-driving
       MORE  Creativity,  MORE  Simplicity,  MORE
       Savings,  and  ultimately  do  MORE  Business.
       Bolstering  consumers'  creative  abilities,  iPR
       C165  provides  a  wide  range  of  creative
       applications with rich, clear and vivid images.
       With  more  simplicity  in  terms  of  its  user




       We have been finding new ways to get closer to our community
       during these testing times. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to
       spread across the world and the necessary lockdowns continues,
       we  announced  a  special  warranty  extension  to  support  our

       customers. Warranty/Standard Warranty was extended on all Canon
       Products  till  30th  June  2020,  for  customers  whose  product
       warranty lapsed during the government imposed lockdown period.              Social Media post to announce
                                                                                 CIPL's Extended Warranty initiative

       09                                                                                   Issue 23 | April - July 2020
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