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                                                          THE PRESIDENT

                                                          & CEO

                                                          Dear Partners,

                                                          The  impact  of  the  COVID-19  pandemic  has  been
                                                          widespread  and  we  are  dealing  with  a  significant
                                                          global challenge. In unprecedented times like these,
                                                          the need of the hour for us is to stand in unison and
                                                          fight against this adversity. I am overwhelmed by the
                                                          passion and commitment that you have shown during
                                                          this  ongoing  crisis.  Let  us  all  keep  ourselves
                                                          motivated  and  with  your  commitment,  we  will
                                                          together  strive  to  emerge  out  of  the  situation

                                                          The  government  has  now  lifted  a  number  of
                                                          restrictions, allowing us to operate our business with
                                                          much greater ease. I request all our stakeholders to
                                                          keep  taking  all  necessary  precautions  as  the
                                                          pandemic  is  still  far  from  over.  We  shall  all  remain
                                                          united and high spirited and become an exemplary
                                                          motivation for the rest of the industry.

                                                          Once again, Canon is proud and inspired by the way
                                                          you  have  risen  to  this  challenge  with  courage,
                                                          resilience  and  a  caring  heart.  Thank  you  for  your
                                                          enormous contributions.

                                                          Please  do  look  after  yourselves  and  your  families.
                                                          Stay safe and healthy.

                                                          Thank you.

                                                          Warm Regards,
                                                          Kevin Kobayashi
                                                          President & CEO
                                                          Canon India Pvt. Ltd.
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