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We  also  launched  our  ‘Born  to  Rule’  digital        Customers  have  shown  great  enthusiasm
       campaign, through which we reached out to                 and  are  waiting  for  the  launch  of  these
       58 Million audience and garnered 126 Million              products.  We  have  received  a  positive
       impressions so far in the awareness phase.                response,     with    a   good     number      of

                                                                 pre-bookings  coming  from  states  such  as
       During the launch we activated a pre-booking              Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. To keep
       link  where  customers  could  block  their               our  engagement  intact  with  the  customers,
       products  and  avail  attractive  of ers.  A  day         we  have  planned  specialized  webinars  as  a
       after  the  launch,  we  also  did  an  emailer           follow-up  of  the  launch  throughout  August,
       campaign for pre-booking where an EDM was
       sent to all the customers who had registered              through  which  customers  can  get  more
       for the event.                                            knowledge about the products.

          We thank you for your continued support towards making the launch a successful one.


       As  part  of  our  media  engagement,  the  virtual       India- Press Trust of India (PTI) and Indo-Asian
       launch was attended by 80+ media, comprising              News  Service  (IANS),  leading  financials  The
       of  leading  technology,  mainline,  financial,            Hindu  Business  Line  and  Mint  and  mainline

       electronic  and  trade  media.  Further,  keeping         publications  The  Indian  Express  and  The
       our communication open for media, we created              Telegraph.
       an  exclusive  chat-based  Q&A  session  for  the
       product media on Zoom platform.                           Through the interviews, we were able to share
                                                                 the  desired  positive  outlook  of  the  industry

       Leveraging    the    announcement,      strategic         going forward across B2B and B2C segments,
       business  interviews  were  conducted  for                along  with  highlighting  the  launch  of  the  new
       Mr.  Kobayashi  with  the  leading  newswires  of         cameras-EOS R5 and EOS R6.

       03                                                                                   Issue 23 | April - July 2020
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