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                                                           THE TELEGRAPH

                                                           Through the interview with the leading mainline in
                                                           East  India,  Mr.  Kobayashi  shares  some  of  the
                                                           interesting highlights of the new cameras, along
                                                           with  his  views  on  the  camera  business  in  India.
                                                           The  article  captures  key  USPs  of  the  cameras

                                                           such  as  high  speed  continuous  shooting,
                                                           in-camera 8K video recording and image sensor
                                                           among others.


          The  interview  with  The  Indian  Express,  a
          prominent mainline publication in India, positively
          highlights  the  key  features  of  the  camera,  and

          how it will be a game changer for movie and still
          shooting.  The  story  further  sheds  light  on  the
          strategic positioning of the DSLR and mirrorless
          cameras and how Canon is well placed in both
          the segments.

          From  a  business  perspective,  Mr.  Kobayashi
          af  rms  that  there  is  no  impact  of  the  current
          pandemic on our long term planning, as operations

          will go smoothly.

                                                                       INDO ASIAN NEWS SERVICE

                                                                       Basis  the  interview  with  Indo-Asian
                                                                       News      Service,    India’s    leading
                                                                       newswire,  the  journalist  has  filed  a
                                                                       positive story, highlighting our business
                                                                       expectations  from  the  launch  of  the
                                                                       new cameras. He further highlights our
                                                                       new  business  potential  in  the  home
                                                                       printing  segment,  of  ce  automation

                                                                       and medical business in India.

       04                                                                                   Issue 23 | April - July 2020
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