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       Every adversity presents us an opportunity in             We have also utilized this period in generating
       disguise.  In  line  with  the  evolving  market          new  marketing  assets  for  all  of  you  to  share
       landscape,  we  have  been  exploring  new                with  your  customers  -  product  EDMs,  new
       avenues for marketing to ef  ciently reach out            product  videos,  BIS  portfolio  creatives  and
       to customers. We conducted a pilot project on             EDMs     on     the    theme     of    #StaySafe
       online events by organizing webinars for our              #StayConnected. All these assets are available
       customers on ef ective and ef  cient document             on  the  myBIS  portal  from  where  you  can
       management systems. While we have always                  download and customize the EDMs.
       been  active  on  social  media,  this  time  we
       thought  of  something  unique  by  highlighting
       one  product  category  from  the  BIS  product
       portfolio  every  week  on  Canon  India's
       Facebook  and  LinkedIn  pages.  Through  our
       weekly campaigns, we highlighted some of the
       themes such as Document Management with
       Therefore Online, printing made easy with iR 2
       600  Series  and  iR  C3120,  Scanning  with
       P-208II    and     advantages      of    genuine
       consumables. We thank you for your support in
       actively sharing and liking these posts.

      ENHANCEMENT IN MYBIS PORTAL                                making this platform a huge success and we
                                                                 will  keep  adding  new  modules  to  make  your
       The  myBIS  portal  has  for  the  last  couple  of       business simple!
       years been a one stop destination for all your
       BIS  marketing  requirements  -  price  lists,
       accessing  EDMs,  brochure  requests,  scheme
       details,  sales  team  registration  and  many
       more. We have recently added new EDMs on
       copiers, scanners, solutions and complete BIS
       range - which many of you are customizing and
       sharing with your customers. To make it a more
       useful  and  powerful  tool  we  are  proud  to
       introduce  new  enhancements  in  the  portal.
       First of its kind new module on sales forecast -
       through  which  stock  requirements  of  every
       product can be submitted at the simple click of
       a button. This will ensure streamlined business
       planning.  We  thank  you  for  your  support  in               A screenshot of the myBIS portal dashboard

       08                                                                                   Issue 23 | April - July 2020
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