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The question which comes in our mind is what exactly is a mirrorless camera? How is it different from the traditional DSLR?

In DSLR cameras the mirror used reflects the light coming through the lens and thus the  image can be viewed through the viewfinder whereas, in the mirrorless cameras as there is no mirror , as the name suggests, the light passing through the lens falls right on the image sensor to create an image.

Apart from this mechanical difference generally mirrorless cameras are lighter and compact with a lot of features which we can commonly see in DSLR’s.

EOS R is the newest member added in the Canon’s digital camera category. The first full frame mirrorless camera which is compact and lightweight body than a conventional DSLR cameras along with excellent image quality.

High Image Quality with EOS R



Resolution/Details- 30.3 MP CMOS Sensors + RF Lenses



The EOS R features a new 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor with effective approx. 30.3 megapixels developed and manufactured by Canon. DIGIC 8 serve to reconcile highly sensitive and high-speed performance with high-resolution specifications.

Photos right out of the camera are seen to be richer in color accuracy and sharpness.

Full frame sensor provides information-rich image data that facilitates retouching and image editing. It also helps if you want to get large size photos or for commercial use as well.

Detailed image reproduction is an important component of “image quality” where EOS R is a clear winner.



Lens-based: Digital Lens Optimizer




The all new Canon EOS R comes with the DLO which is enabled by default. Each RF lens transfers the pre-set data for Digital Lens Optimization to the camera, so there is no need to download or register data to the camera. This means improved sharpness, contrast, advanced correction of aberration and distortion

Enhanced Image Stabilization: Dual Sensing IS

The algorithm to detect camera shake is an evolution from that of EOS DSLR cameras.  EOS R gives you a Dual Sensing IS system. This Dual Sensing IS system can accurately detect and compensate for low-frequency blur that used to be hard to detect with gyroscopic sensors alone. As a result, camera-shake blur is reduced by the equivalent of a 5-stop faster shutter speed.

Auto Focus with EOS R


Auto Focus: Speed and Accuracy



The area covered by autofocus has been expanded to 88% horizontally and 100% vertically which allows the users to use AF even when composing pictures in which subject is in a corner of the frame.

The camera has 5655 AF positions to pick from which helps in extreme precise AF while the subject is moving as well.



Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus: Touch & Drag Focus

EOS R with the touch and drag features has changed the way the photos can be composed.

The desired AF point can be selected using the LCD touchscreen. The selected point is displayed on the monitor, allowing the user to set autofocus while looking through the viewfinder.

Auto Focus functions: Minimum luminance of EV-6

Another brilliant feature with EOS R camera is the ability to shoot in very dark conditions.

In low light situation when AF does not work and camera is turned to manual-focus, the user generally check the focus results after the photo has been clicked.

The EOS R with the capability of EV -6 the ultra-sensitive AF shoot subjects that are nearly invisible and expands the range of working conditions with AF, minimizing the inconvenience of checking focus results after shooting.


Video Recording with EOS R



4K UHD 30p/25p, Dual Pixel CMOS AF



This camera allows users to shoot movies while looking through the viewfinder. By supporting the camera body with hands and face, users can take movies just as easily as shooting still photos. High-quality movies can be shot under natural lighting, even without any support. This makes the camera a highly efficient, reliable tool for professional-quality movie production.

Operational features of EOS R


Ease of Use: Articulating Screen




While clicking your pictures, the high-precision, vari-angle, touchscreen LCD comes as a relief to achieve extreme low angles or unique high angle photos with so much more ease and accuracy.

It also supports vertical (portrait) shooting, which is not easy with regular tillable monitor screens.



Convenience: Auto Transfer to PC/ smart devices




Download the Canon’s Camera Connect application, the EOS R camera can be connected to a smartphone at all times, via Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing photos and movies to be transferred to the smartphone. Location data acquired from the smartphone can be added to the image file.



A New Generation Lenses



Designed to bring out the best in the new 54mm diameter RF mount system, each RF lens features an advance optical design built-in lens data for Digital Lens Optimizer.

Shalini Puri

New Market Development Manager, Canon India Pvt. Ltd.

Shalini Puri is a photography enthusiast based out of Delhi. She has been associated with Canon India for over 7 years, where she lives her passion for photography. Her immense knowledge about digital SLRs has helped her in elevating her photography skills. She is a product expert who enjoys food photography & infant photography.