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Category: Tips & Tricks | 16 December 2019

Once Canon started on the path of mirrorless cameras, there is no looking back now. The newest addition with EOS RP is a testament to that. It’s a small wonder, a tiny little camera which produces phenomenal results. We can now expect the full frame magic from a body so small and light weight. When I got my hands on it, it felt almost unreal to hold the camera and then see the results out of the camera. The EOSRP is 440gms which is 20% less than the already very small EOS R mirrorless for comparison. Canon EOS R, is well known for its supreme image quality which is unmatched and EOSRP belongs to the same pedigree. As you read further you’ll appreciate a few wonderful features which I am a big fan of while shooting with it. If you are just starting your photography journey then this is a perfect FF camera for beginners and here’s why:

Dual Pixel CMOS AF – Touch & Drag Focus

EOS RP with the touch and drag feature is a phenomenal new advancement for composing shots quickly. Using a joy stick to select my focus point is a thing of the past. Now, I can select the desired Auto-focus point using the LCD touchscreen and instantly shoot my preferred composition.

DIGIC 8 Processor:  AF speed and accuracy

The EOS RP is extremely precise at obtaining focus, and is amazing while focusing on moving objects as well. One thing that is a must in Wedding Photography is SPEED. Usually during make-up sessions there is a lot of movement with the brush, the bride moving forward and back, sometimes without disturbing the bride or the make-up artist, you get the perfect opportunity for a blink of a second and your camera should be able to deliver instantly. The EOS RP does that with great ease with its Dual Pixel AF system.

In built Feature:  Focus Stacking

This is a brand new feature which the studio photographers and macro photographers would love. Or anyone who loves shooting objects like jewelry up close. Usually when you shoot a macro shot, you get a very slim focus plane as is seen in the first image. Though this looks nice (see image 1 & 2), but is not ideal for professional work or anything which requires more detail, like a watch or jewelry photograph across a defined plane. With the new image - focus stacking method you can make your camera shoot from 7 to 100+ images for your stack. The camera calculates the shooting focus distance from the numbers fed in e.g. for a 7 image stack it will choose wider area of focus for stacking and for 25+ image stack it may choose focus with a slimmer focus plane. This allows a final image (see image 3) with a much higher degree of precision for macro photos

26.2 MP CMOS sensor combined with DIGIC 8:  High Image Quality

Straight out of the camera, the images are richer in color accuracy and sharpness. While some of it has to do with in-built Digital Lens Optimizer (DLO), most of it is dependent on how this camera is balanced for the users. The skin tones and colors straight out of the camera are delightful.

The image below depicts accurate skin tones, richness of colors and accuracy. The richness in details which only a full frame camera can provide.

Ease of Use:  Articulating LCD screen

One of my favorite functionality in the camera which allows me to achieve extreme low angles or interesting top down angles with 100% efficiency. This was more of a hit and trial for me earlier, but now it’s not just easy, but also accurate each time. My wedding sets look richer as they have photos clicked from a lot more angles now. It is very easy to do the top down, or very low angle shots now, or shooting in very tight spaces.

Compatibility:  100% functionality with EF, EF-S and RF lenses

Canon has always been a thoughtful brand and it’s thought about all existing customers of Canon who might want to add a mirrorless camera to their kit. EOS RF comes bundled with EF-RF adapter which will let you can use all the EF and EFS lenses with your new Mirrorless cameras and as far as my testing goes, the EF lenses are somehow working faster and with more precision on the EOS RP and EOS R. Perhaps this has to do with the new sensor and circuitry, but the results are absolutely delightful.

Overall for me as a photographer, shooting with EOS RP is more fun now, as it is much faster & gives great results. I can derive higher accuracy from the number of photos I shoot now. I feel more confident, and have more time to play and experiment with my shots.

Ankit Singh

Ankit Singh is a Bangalore based wedding and lifestyle photographer, who has shot over 250 weddings all over India and outside India. Besides weddings, Ankit loves shooting still life for his garment, food, product clients. He trained formally with ICP New York for lighting and uses that advantage for still life and wedding photography.

Ankit has been a Canon fan for over a decade and a Canon Photo mentor for 4 years.