EOS RP Effortless Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Part 2 - Evolution of Dual Pixel CMOS AFShalini Puri | New Market Development Manager, Canon India Pvt. Ltd.

Category: Tips & Tricks | 08 March 2019

Canon’s famous AF system the Dual Pixel CMOS AF is highly responsive at 0.05 sec.*speed in EOS RP which achieves high speed focusing, making it one of the World’s fastest AF among the full frame category. This helps the photographer to easily capture a decisive moment when subject is in actions maintaining focus with speed, accuracy and ease.

The AF coverage area has been expanded to 88% of the sensor surface area, supported by RF lenses and compatible EF lenses. It gives the photographer the freedom of composing the subject at extreme corners of the frame without losing the focus.

EOS RP supports AF frame selection with up to 4,779 AF point position. This allows the photographer to select the point of focus with greater precision than the conventional Live View function allows, making it possible to target one particular point of the primary focus on the image.

Also, autofocus will operate over the entire AF area even at f/11, providing flexibility to the photographers to use even EF2x III extender for increasing their reach to the subject at far distance. The EOS RP also boasts high speed burst shooting at 5 fps (One Shot AF) or 4 fps (Servo AF). With its high subject tracking performance, the camera never loses the target subject.

In situation where the camera finds it difficult to track the eye when the subject is in motion. The New Eye Detection AF in EOS RP promptly starts focusing on subject’s eye during Servo AF resulting in impressive portraits due to precise focusing irrespective of any facial profile pose and movement.

Low Light shooting at EV-5

Canon EOS RP with the capability of EV-5 allows shooting almost in condition where subject is not visible to human eye.  The photographers can shoot without relying on auxiliary illumination in extreme dim lit situation facilitating the subject not to get surprised or disturbed by glaring auxiliary lighting.

While taking macro photos with shallow depth of field it really becomes hard to get the entire frame in focus. With the New focus bracketing function in EOS RP, the camera automatically takes a series of continuous shots with different focal distances through one shutter release action. Post that with the help of Canon Digital Photo Professional software, the depth-of-field simulation function delivers high-resolution image with a wider depth of field.

DIGIC 8 Highly sophisticated focus operations can be handled automatically.

EOS RP comes with a highly sophisticated focusing while tracking the moving subject. The new AF system tracks the subject using brightness, color, facial recognition data as well as background depth data from pixels surrounding an active AF point.

To conclude…

Dual Pixel CMOS AF in EOS RP with Canon’s latest processor DIGIC 8, results in faster computing and processing of the auto focus data from the CMOS chip to deliver superior autofocus performance.

(*Based on the results of AF speed tests in accordance with CIPA guidelines.)

Shalini Puri

New Market Development Manager, Canon India Pvt. Ltd.

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