EOS RP with RF24-240mm f/4-6.3 IS USM: One Lens for Your Travel PhotographyRavi Dhingra | Canon Photo mentor

Category: Tips & Tricks | 16 December 2019

Travel for me is not about reaching a destination, rather it is the journey which excites me the most especially the road trips. When on road, the flexibility of stopping anywhere to have a cup of tea or having a break just to enjoy the surroundings, gives immense pleasure. And being a photographer, it also means capturing those special moments on the camera.

The biggest dilemma any photographer while traveling faces is the equipment to be carried, different situations require different lenses based on focal length. Travel photography is a wide genre which includes taking pictures of Architecture, Landscape, Street, Portraiture, Food and many more. To carry a certain number of lenses for each requirement is a big challenge for a light traveler. And this becomes even more complicated when traveling by air because of weight and security reasons.

10x Zoom perfect for travel photography

Recently, I took a road trip to a place called Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. I wanted to travel light so I just carried one of the Canon’s latest full frame mirrorless camera EOS RP along with the newly launched RF 24-240mm, f/4-6.3 IS USM lens. Literally, I could feel the weight off my shoulder. The body just weighs 440gms and lens 750gms and with the combination tucked in a lightweight shoulder bag, felt very relaxed even at strenuous treks.

There are certain zoom lenses available with higher zoom option 8X onwards but these are mostly available for compact cameras and crop-sensor cameras. For a full frame camera body, the options are limited. The new lens from Canon, RF 24-240mm, f/4-6.3 IS USM is a perfect option for any travel photographer. 10X zoom is more than sufficient for most of the needs in travel photography right from landscape to portraiture, architecture to food and this versatile lens proved to be an indispensable companion.

While learning photography around 20 years back, our Mentor told us to avoid zoom lenses above 3x range and there must be some reason for that, technology was not so advanced as compared to today, most of the good quality zoom lenses stuck to the 3x range, EF 24-70mm, EF 70-200mm, and EF-S 18-55mm for crop sensor body. This lens defies the norm, and in spite of having 10x zoom, it produced excellent details in the images

The versatility of lens, working within the range of 10x zoom gave the flexibility of capturing the similar scene with different perspectives, from a wide angle coverage depicting the expanse of tea garden to a closer look at the plantation workers.

Wide to Tele Shot

Hybrid Control Ring in Lens

One thing which I love about all RF lenses is the “Lens Control Ring”, I mostly use it for exposure compensation, which means by just rotating the ring in either direction it changes the exposure settings, brighter or darker depending on personal preference, just in case the correct exposure as measured by camera is not perfect for a particular scene. Specific to this lens, the ring is designed to serve two purposes- a switch is provided to change it either for manual focusing or use it as a programmable ring for exposure.

Smooth and fast AF with Nano USM

Over a period of seven days in the beautiful locations of Kangra region in Himachal Pradesh, the lens was practically tried and tested for almost all genres in travel photography from spotting the tea plantation workers while driving through scenic roads.

The Auto focus is fast and precise even in adverse conditions like fading light and low contrast cloudy scene like in the below photograph.

Along with detailing, the color reproduction is accurate which actually a norm with all Canon cameras and lenses is and this lens is just following the high standards.

Excellent Details

The flexibility of working with one lens in different situations is the highlight of this lens, no longer worrying about carrying multiple lenses, one lens suits all. Subject remains the same but proximity makes the difference, two altogether different images, one on the left from a distance at a focal length of 150mm and other closer at 37mm.

Ravi Dhingra

Ravi Dhingra is a Delhi based Lifestyle photographer specialising in Interiors, Food, People and Product photography. He has been associated with leading publications, advertisement agencies and corporate clients. His work has been widely published in various books, magazines, brochures and on Web. He is a Canon Photo Mentor and also a visiting faculty for photography at various leading Institutes.