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Category: Tips & Tricks | 08 February 2019

The next upgrade for the photographers who have been using Crop Sensor Cameras could be a full frame camera.

The large format sensor has the ability to capture beautiful photos with incredible details, depth and dynamic range.

EOS 6D Mark II , a full-frame DSLR, is popular among a wide range of users for its high Image Quality, Auto Focus Capability, Continuous Shooting Performance, Compact, Lightweight body and many more features...

EOS 6D Mark II is equipped with 26.2 MP which captures High Resolution Images that depict finer detail with extreme precision.

A unique feature called Picture Style “Fine Detail “can additionally be used to enhance the Sharpness, Color and Textural detail of the image captured.

26.2 MP CMOS Sensors


Even at high ISO such as ISO 12800, EOS 6D Mark II produces a clear image with noise well within acceptable level. Also, the color deviation of the image is minimal when seen in actual.


ISO 12800


EOS 6D Mark II comes with 45 Auto Focus (AF) points with all of them being Cross type. While enjoying the wide area with the 45 AF points, the Crop type AF points provide an additional advantage in terms of focus speed while shooting fast moving subjects, as in situations of sports, wildlife, etc.


All cross-type 45-point AF


While clicking pictures through live view or recording video, Canon’s New Dual Pixel CMOS AF makes auto focus precise & accurate at an unmatched, faster speed. This works in conjunction with the touchscreen monitor, which gives the photographer greater freedom over his composition. With a simple tap of a finger, the photographer can acquire focus as per the planned composition. The photographer can simply focus on the subject or with the touch and drag option, he can switch focus between subjects while movie recording. The touch and drag option automatically focuses on the subject without lens racking.


Touch & Drag AF

EOS 6D Mark II comes with an advance 7,560-point RGB+IR metering sensor.  It drastically improves color tracking and skin tone detection. This holds true even when the main subject is blocked by other objects in the foreground. Thus, giving preference to the skin tone and shifting the focus on the subject.


Create and enjoy brilliant High Resolution 4K Time lapse video with the in-built time lapse movie functionality. The EOS 6D Mark II offers a set of customization as per the users’ requirement while using this function.

Time Lapse Menu Setting

EOS 6D Mark II comes with a Vari-angle LCD touchscreen monitor, which adds to the comfort of the photographers. The vari-angle LCD monitor presents a seamless user interface, while giving the freedom to compose shots at various angles and layouts.


EOS 6D Mark II is lightweight (765gms including battery & memory card) and compact. It features a robust weather sealing which prevents any damage from dust or moisture, making it suitable for shooting in tough weather conditions.


With multiple in-built connectivity options like Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth, EOS 6D Mark II enable a photographer to share pictures with a single tap. Using the Canon CameraConnect App, which is available for both Android and iOS, pictures & videos can directly be saved from camera’s memory card into the smart device. This enables the photographer to share photos with friends, family or on social media instantaneously.

Canon CameraConnect app not only allows data sharing, but makes the smart device a remote shutter release. With the Remote Shooting feature, one can capture the most beautiful pictures & zoom in to subjects, through the smart device.

Bluetooth being a low energy consumption technology helps in keeping the camera paired with the smartphone with less battery consumption.


The in-built GPS helps in Geo tagging the location, as part a of the EXIF information of the images captured which can be viewed on the Map Utility Software.


Shalini Puri

New Market Development Manager, Canon India Pvt. Ltd.

Shalini Puri is a photography enthusiast based out of Delhi. She has been associated with Canon India for over 7 years, where she lives her passion for photography. Her immense knowledge about digital SLRs has helped her in elevating her photography skills. She is a product expert who enjoys food photography & infant photography.