My Trip to Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh – Part 2

Category: Tips & Tricks | 10 July 2019

My Day 3 of the 6 days Spiti Valley trip ended with capturing the mesmerizing star trails at the Pin Valley National Park. You could read all about the 3 days, by clicking here. I was really looking forward to the next 3 days of my trip, which would take me to Mudh, Kaza, Losar & Komic.

Day 4: Mudh

Mudh, a popular tourist destination, and generally very crowded during summers. It is one of the coldest places in the Spiti district. The valley is mesmerizing and is a host to plethora of outdoor activities during summers. Almost all year round you can enjoy the view of snow clad mountains.

I feared touching my camera with my numb fingers which would mean high possibility of camera shake. But the touchscreen live viewfinder came as a blessing. It is very responsive and I did not have to click any buttons on the camera. This was the first time I used the touchscreen in such a situation as was skeptical that it may not respond. All I had to do was getting the focus right, rest the touchscreen seamlessly supported my numb fingers.

EOS 5D Mark IV, f/16, 59 sec, ISO 100

Day 5: Kaza & Losar

There is a frozen hydro power plant in Pin Valley which is the main source of electricity for almost all the villages in and around Spiti. My next stop was Kaza valley, where I was able to click amazing portraits and shoot some videos in 4K resolution. The 4K video quality is so realistic, it was like reliving those exact moments during play backs.

Next stop was Losar, one of the most populated village, with a population of around 1500 people. Although, when I reached there, the village was deserted. As expected, due to the extreme winter, people had migrated to other villages. Driving through an empty abandoned village was really eerie. The Chandratal lake was my final stop following Losar. The roads were covered in snow and shooting landscapes was really interesting, but the real problem I was about to face was lens flare.

But with Canon L series lenses the flaring issue was handled beautifully as well. Not only was I able to capture the sun in many of my images, and was also able to avoid the lens flare thanks to Canon for putting this feature in my camera. I was also able to get extremely good sun burst shots.

EOS 5D Mark IV, f/22, 1/60 sec, ISO 800

Day 6: Komic

On the last day of my trip, I started off to a village called Komic. It is world’s highest altitude village connected with a motorable road. You will see very few houses in this village as it is freezing cold during summers as well. The best thing about this place was seeing the mountains covered with thick snow. I had to place the camera on the snowy surface to get the angles right. The camera withstood whatever I had ever imagined to click with it, be it HDR, 4K video, high speed continuous shooting etc. Thanks to Canon who with their pioneering technology have made it possible for their cameras and lenses to capture some exclusive images that was creatively superior to what I had in mind while capturing those moments.

EOS 5D Mark IV, f/2.8, 1/250 sec, ISO 100

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