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Category: Tips & Tricks | 24 June 2019

It’s been a while you have been clicking images and every time you see them, you aspire to make them better. But shooting with your smartphone or a compact camera is not giving you the desired results. Canon EOS 1500D, an entry-level DSLR, is packed with enhanced functions that enables you to click images with high resolution.  While it is a low-priced entry-level DSLR, it has a high resolution sensor that can obtain a high level of image clarity equivalent to a high-end DSLR. Today, users are upgrading from smartphones to a DSLR to fulfil their photography requirement and their need to be one-up on social media uploads. Higher the “Likes” on their post means greater the gratification.

Photographic Expression Impossible with a Smartphone

The EOS 1500D comes with a 24.1 MP APS-C size CMOS sensor which is quite large in comparison to a smartphone sensor. Due to its large sensor size, EOS 1500D is capable of capturing more light, making it possible to reproduce high resolution images. High resolution images would mean, images that have high clarity and true to life color reproduction. The most beautiful imagery which the user enjoys while clicking with a DSLR, is to get background blur to make the subject stand out and creating a more dynamic image.

Meets High Resolution Need, with Great Usability

Image clarity is a typical problem encountered while shooting with a smartphone during low light conditions, where the dark areas are nearly washed out in the images.

EOS 1500D is equipped with a high-performance image processor along with a sensor which is overwhelmingly larger than that of a smartphone, helps in capturing image clarity even in dimly lit scenarios. Likewise a wide range of photographic expressions can be captured, right from shooting moving subjects in dark locations, to shooting with maximum aperture in bright outdoors.

High-Speed Autofocus

It is particularly difficult to capture sharp & stunning photos of children and pets using a smartphone, as their movement are unpredictable resulting in blurring of image. The EOS 1500D comes with 9-point AF (all points f/5.6, centre cross-type AF) makes it easy for the camera to achieve fast focusing resulting in sharp and focused images and when paired with, 3fps continuous shooting capability, one does not miss any opportunity especially when shoot moving subjects.

Upload to SNS right away Using Wi-Fi & NFC

Sharing images on your social network handles is a must –do today. Now you can share high resolution images and videos easily & directly with built-in network functionality in EOS 1500D. With the remote shooting feature and the Canon Camera Connect app, you can now control your camera through your smart device and capture the most beautiful pictures in places where it was difficult to hold the camera for a long duration.

Expression by Changing Lenses

Variations can be added to your images and videos by simply changing lenses. This is something which smartphones do not allow. The biggest attraction of using a DSLR is the ability to freely select from a wide variety of EF and EF-S lenses from using a fisheye lens for a unique distortion or to trying out a large aperture lens for beautiful background blur.

You can now choose from over 70 available EF and EF-S lenses with EOS 1500D and enjoy a variety of photographic expressions freely by changing lenses.

Shalini Puri

New Market Development Manager, Canon India Pvt. Ltd.

Shalini Puri is a photography enthusiast based out of Delhi. She has been associated with Canon India for over 7 years, where she lives her passion for photography. Her immense knowledge about digital SLRs has helped her in elevating her photography skills. She is a product expert who enjoys food photography & infant photography.