Canon takes user convenience and workplace productivity to new heights with the launch of Third Generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE series

25 July, 2017

Canon also expands the Color Multifunction Devices portfolio, Poised to increase the Color Market share with bringing more colors to India.

Expanding its products outreach, Canon India Pvt. Ltd, today introduces the third generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE series & a robust A3 color multi-function device (MFD) iRC3020 engineered to deliver outstanding business documents, superb usability and workplace productivity at an affordable price.
Canon recognizes the need of advanced printing solutions for seamless business execution. Targeted towards the emerging segment of start-up communities and SME’s in India the new range of multi-function devices deliver outstanding business documents, enhancing workplace productivity. The third generation Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE series is designed to enable businesses to boost productivity and security. The newly launched model under the next generation printers include the iR-ADV C355i - A4 Color, iR-ADV C3500 series (3 variants), iR- ADV 4500 series (4 variants) - A3 Mono, iR-ADV C5500i Series (4 variant) - A3 Color and iR C3020 - A3 Color.
Speaking about the latest launch, Mr. Ozawa, President and CEO, Canon Asia Marketing Group said, “I am happy to visit during this special year, which marks the 20th anniversary of Canon India. During those 20 years, Canon India has shown remarkable growth. India plays an increasingly vital role in the growth of Canon in Asia. Today’s launch of the third generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE series will further strengthen the important position of Business Imaging Solutions within Canon India’s total business and be a vital contributor to the overall growth of Canon. With regards to Canon Asia Marketing Group, we have set ourselves the goal of reaching a turnover of 10 billion USD by 2020 and we are positive that Canon India will be a fundamental contributor in realising this vision.”

Figure 1: Mr. Hideki Ozawa President & CEO, Canon Asia Marketing Group and Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi President & CEO, Canon India announce the next vision of growth for the organization in Asia and India.

Speaking of the latest addition to the organizations’ product portfolio, Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, President & CEO, Canon India said, “Our legacy of two decades has further strengthened our commitment of providing enhanced propositions in our products and service outreach. Continuing the victory of our endeavors, we are delighted to announce that we have attained a double digit growth of 14% in H1, 2017, over the same period in the previous year. With the continuous support of our customers, partners and employees, we have had a stupendous H1, 2017 and now, we are eagerly anticipating, a successful 2nd half of the year. Showcasing our expertise in the digital printing space, with the launch of the third generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series, we aim to add more ‘colors to India’ and strengthen our mark in the color printing segment. We are confident that this launch will enable us in empowering small and medium business enterprises in the country, thereby providing our contribution to the emerging India.” 

The year 2017 is devoted to commemorate completion of 20 years of Canon’s brand’s intervention in the country. With this launch, Canon India reinforces its focus on regional penetration empowering the jobbers and enterprise segment in the tier 2 and 3 cities. Canon is focused on augmenting the photography and imaging culture in the country and introducing technological advancements across its imaging solutions.

Mr. K Bhaskhar, Vice-President, Business Imaging Solutions, Canon India, said, “Keeping the changing needs of modern workgroups in mind, we are proud to introduce the new generation series featuring a high level of connectivity and innovative smart features such as ADVANCE Personalised and Intelligent Recovery. These features were designed to create a secure yet user-centric platform for enhanced process and cost efficiencies at the workplace. As the modern-day habits and preferences call for more mobility and flexibility in the current working environments, businesses are increasingly adopting smart office solutions to drive employee productivity. The latest iR-ADV series are designed based on this workplace trend, featuring many innovative functionalities that meet the expectations for greater user experience. As with the other series in Generation 3, we aim to empower our customers with the personalization of individual workflows for maximizing productivity in day-to-day tasks.” 

He further added, “We are envisioning this color series to play an integral role in catering to a wide base of customers in the commercial, enterprise and government sector. We have always emphasized on offering unparalleled technology through our wide product portfolio and we are confident that the latest series will drive workforce productivity and enhance user experience to meet our customers’ evolving needs.”
The new range of products exhibit Canon India’s technological prowess in the printing solution space.

About Canon Group
Ever since its foundation in 1937, Canon has been adhering to the “Kyosei” philosophy and has been striving to create and deliver world-class products, becoming a top global corporation by diversifying into new business fields throughout the world. Focusing on optical technologies, Canon produces office equipment, imaging devices, industrial systems and other products. Through the close connection between its global head office in Tokyo and regional headquarters in America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and regional headquarters in Japan, Canon combines its global and local operations organically. In 1996, Canon launched its Excellent Global Corporation Plan with the goal of serving the society with advanced technologies and becoming a trustworthy and responsible corporate citizen. The year 2016 is the first year of Phase 5 of the Plan. Currently, Canon boasts a strong global presence of 317 subsidiaries all over the world, supported by 189,571 employees. (Data as of December 31, 2015).

Canon in India
Canon India Pvt. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Canon Singapore Pvt. Ltd., is a world leader in imaging technologies. Set up in 1997, Canon markets over 200 comprehensive range of sophisticated contemporary digital imaging in India. The company today has offices and warehouses in 14 cities across India and employs over 1000 people. Canon has over 500 primary channel partners, 14 National Retail Chain partners, and over 6000 secondary retail points. Canon has 232 exclusive Canon Product Retail Stores called the Canon Image Square across 110 cities in the country. Canon India’s service reach extends to over 600 towns covering 16,477 PIN codes across India - which comprises of 300 Camera collection points, 18 Camera repair centres, 222 Printer repair centers, 262 Copier, Scanner and Large Format Printer Sales & Service dealers.

In sync with its corporate tagline- ‘Delighting You Always’ , reinforced by World class technology, Canon offers an extended product portfolio, including copier MFDs, fax-machines, printers, scanners, All-in-ones, digital cameras, DSLR, Cinematic imaging products, camcorders, cable ID printers and card printers catering to the multiple market segments of consumer, SME, B2B, Government & Commercial. Canon India recorded revenue of INR 2348. 6 crores in the year 2016.

Product Information
Third Generation imageRunner ADVANCE series
• iR-ADV C3500 series (3 variants consists of 30PPM/25PPM/20PPM), A3 Colour
• iR-ADV C355i A4 Colour
• iR-ADV 4500 series (4 variants consists of 51PPM/45PPM/35PPM/25PPM) A3 Mono
• iR-ADV C5500i series (4 variant Consist of 60PPM/50PPM/40PPM/35PPM) A3 Colour
• iR-ADV 6500i series (3 Variants consists of 75PPM/65PPM/55PPM) A3 Mono

In Generation 3, we aim to empower our customers with the personalisation of individual workflows for maximising productivity in day-to-day tasks.” 

Exceptional user experience drives workplace productivity
Enhanced with a 10.1-inch touchscreen, the 3rd generation series offers an intuitive user experience with smartphone-like gestures such as swiping and pinching for easy navigation across the local user interface. Additionally, the Picture Login authentication provides a simplified login experience by allowing users to gain device access quickly via user-specific icons.
User convenience is at the core of the third generation multifunction devices and notably, Force Hold Printing allows users to preview and edit print settings before releasing the temporarily held print jobs at the device. Unintended output options such as incorrect quantities and finishing can be rectified prior to printing, reducing paper wastage and saving users the hassle of re-submitting print jobs in an effort to increase cost and workflow efficiencies.

Security and Reliability Features for Additional Protection & Fleet Managementy
Security is a cornerstone of every business infrastructure. Hard Disk Drive (HDD) security in a MFD is an ongoing a concern to businesses for protecting information integrity. With the new iR-ADV devices, comprehensive HDD security comes standard with features such as HDD Data Erase, HDD Password Lock and HDD Encryption which is FIPS 140-2 validated.

Fleet management is made easy with the third generation of the imageRUNNER ADVANCE. Built-in with Remote Operator Software Kit, IT administrators are able to remotely assist users during troubleshooting without the need to be physically at the device. This enhances productivity and directs resource management in a more efficient manner. Content Delivery System (CDS) provides a way to automate firmware updates via eMaintenance allowing the entire device fleet to be updated in tandem. Scheduled updates can be arranged to take place during off-peak hours to further reduce interruptions.

Besides user convenience, Canon strives to create a personalised user environment with ADVANCE personalised where individuals can customise workflows and preferences easily. This can range from personalising display language, initial display screen, frequently-used settings, address lists and more, enabling a one-step approach to streamlining work processes. This Advance personalization, helps to create a great user experience and to top it off, the same settings can be integrated across the third generation of iR-ADV devices via the new ADVANCE personalisation Synchronisation. Users can benefit from the same level of personalisation amongst a fleet of up to ten different devices.

Intelligent functionality tailored for the smart-offices
Businesses today desire smart office solutions that make work life simpler. The Intelligent Recovery on the 3rd generation series identifies a bystander, a passerby or an approaching user via the infrared motion sensor, and assesses their intentions. Accordingly, the device avoids unintentional recovery and remains in sleep mode or automatically recovers for added user convenience.
Equipped with the Intelligent Document Feeder, the 3rd generation series is designed to effectively handle documents for the smart-offices. Common bottlenecks faced by users in the course of document digitisation, such as double-feeding of originals and scanning of blank pages can be easily resolved by Multi-sheet Detection and Skip Blank Originals respectively. The time taken to process and organise documents is consequently reduced for a more productive workplace.

Businesses in pursuit of a more agile and interconnected workforce demand seamless connectivity in their work environments. The 3rd generation series comes standard with Wireless LAN support, providing users with the flexibility to print and scan wirelessly from their smart devices.

Eco-design fosters business sustainability
Canon upholds its innovativeness with the environment in mind. Bio-based plastics are used in certain parts of the devices in the latest imageRUNNER series to foster a greener environment. The finishing options offered in the new series support the environmentally friendly ECO-staple, allowing users to bind a maximum of five sheets of paper together by means of pressure. This staple-free approach prevents resource wastage and enables easy shredding of documents.

Product Information
ImageRUNNER (iR) C3020
Robust A3 colour laser multi-function device (MFD) engineered to deliver outstanding business documents, superb usability and workplace productivity at an affordable price point. Complementing the interiors of modern day offices, the sleek entry model is geared towards corporate workgroups and departments with basic document and security needs. Combining Canon’s unique V2 (Vivid and Vibrant) Colour Technology and a wide array of productivity-enhancing features, the latest iR C3020 is designed to provide these businesses with impressive colour documents, workflow efficiencies and easy connectivity, whilst ensuring the ease of keeping basic print usage and security in check.”

Achieve brilliant-hued printouts and user convenience
The new iR C3020 adopts the revolutionary V2 Colour Technology as with the award-winning imageRUNNER ADVANCE (iR-ADV) Generation 3 colour MFDs. The standard printer colour gamut is expanded to support a wider range of colours, attaining incredible depth and richness in the reproduction of stunning images. Coupled with an impressive 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution, users can expect remarkably vivid and vibrant printouts for stronger impacts on business communications.

Built with a 5-inch LCD screen, the iR C3020 offers quick and easy navigation across the user interface with touch panel controls. By means of the virtual QWERTY keyboard and smartphone-like gestures such as swiping and flicking, users can operate the MFD conveniently with minimum screen switching. Multiple languages are supported, and a soft-closing mechanism for cassettes is incorporated to eliminate noise during paper reload.

Hike business performance with improved productivity
Enabling greater workflow efficiencies, the iR C3020 streamlines time-consuming processes and allows businesses to focus on core functions for maximum productivity. Users can scan original documents and store the converted electronic files, such as PDF, JPEG and TIFF in folders, or send the files directly via e-mail in one simple user interface. The orientation of scanned documents is detected and corrected automatically, saving time spent on manual rotation prior to document sending. Users can also scan documents to a USB memory directly, preview images and print files right the first time.

Businesses today demand greater connectivity in a productive work environment due to the proliferation of mobile devices. The latest iR C3020 comes built-in with wireless LAN and allows seamless wireless connectivity via direct access point. Supporting a range of mobile printing solutions such as Google Cloud Print and AirPrint®, users are enabled to perform day-to-day tasks efficiently, and to top it off, the QR code scan feature ensures easy device pairing for direct mobile connections with the Canon PRINT Business app.

Manage running costs and information security effortlessly

The new iR C3020 empowers businesses to track and monitor device usage for better control, reducing toner and paper wastages effectively. According to different security requirements, the MFD allows administrators to manage user access such as restricting printable pages and functions up to 300 registered users. The iR C3020 is ready to intergrate with uniFLOW, an intelligent print management solution that enables cost accounting and secure printing. A physical release of print jobs at the MFD helps to prevent unattended prinouts and potential information leaks.

The latest imageRUNNER series is now available for sale in India market.