Canon Gen 3 Multifunctional Devices

Designed for the new age business enterprise that thrives on a flexible way of working, i.e. collaboration and sharing, the advance imageRUNNER series is a versatile productivity manager built for demanding work environments. Delivering intuitive usability, improved document workflows and enhanced security, the imageRUNNER series is a perfect addition to support and optimize any busy working groups day-to-day workflows.
  • Brilliant Design

  • Exceptional Usability

  • Advanced Personalization

  • Intelligent Digitization

  • Easy Mobility

  • Enhanced Security

  • Cost Management



The Gen 3 Multifunctional Series offers an array of intelligent features for the needs of today’s workforce. Uniting latest technology with ease of functionality, the advanced multifunctional series drives an organisation’s need to manage its documents effectively and efficiently.
  • iR-ADV C3500 Series

  • iR-ADV C355i

  • iR-ADV 4500 Series

  • iR-ADV C5500i Series

  • iR-ADV 6500i Series

  • iR C3020

  • iR 2204N / 2004N / 2004

  • iR 2500W Series

  • iR 1435