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Saurabh Desai

Nature, Wildlife & Travel Photographer


Saurabh have been into photography for more than 22 years. He has travelled across India and overseas from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Dubai, and Bali to photograph unique and rare animals. With and experience of more than 100 workshops and seminars in different parts of the country, he has also been a speaker at many National Level events like Nature in Focus, Symbiosis School of Photography and National Birdwatchers Conferences. His work has been published in many National & International publications in last 20 years. He owns a media production company in Surat by the name of 50mm Media Productions, which provides services like photography, fil making, advertising, photo tourism. He also runs a photography school Visual Poetries Centre for Photography. Author and photographer of Visual Poetries, nature photography book


•HIPA Dubai Award Winner

•National Geographic Travel Photographer Contest

•Camera Pixo America, Editor’s choice award

•New York Post feature on Spiti Expedition

•Zee News interview on Viral Image of Snow Leopard

•Times of India article on Snow Leopard Expedition

•Published on DODO Network, one of the largest news network in the world

•Sanctuary Asia Magazine Cover Page Image