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Jhalak Singhal

Wedding Photographer


Jhalak brings along with her the talent of combining her creativity and technical expertise with creative usage of her Canon lenses and devices. She is known to adapt to any given environment and circumstance with her eye to capture moments and emotions effortlessly. Having captured wedding and editorial portraits for nearly 10 years, Jhalak’ s instinct towards freezing the perfect moment is commendable. Her calm and composed aura is captivating while she ensures capturing the slightest of details during each project.Being a color grading expert, Jhalak aces her post-production process by setting a surreal mood to each of her photos, which is the USP of her Photography. With as many as 300+ weddings and editorial shoots in her portfolio to date, she is the core pillar of Shades Photography. Being a Creative Director of the business, she also handles all the company's social media platforms with utmost personalization. With years of experience in the wedding and editorial photography space, she offers creative, fashion, candid, non-traditional and contemporary wedding and editorial photography services across the globe.

Social Links

Instagram: @shadesphotographyindia
Web/YouTube: https://www.shades.org.in