K. Sudhakar Reddy

K. Sudhakar Reddy’s lenses highlight the society in its pure and raw form- the people and the culture. With a diploma in cinematography, Reddy believes in the philosophy of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

K. Sudhakar Reddy considers photography as an artistic medium of expressing oneself. Brought up in rural India, Reddy was inspired by the village locals and their aesthetic ways of celebration. It also helped him garner deeper pictorial inspirations about the culture, celebration and people from diverse backgrounds. While drawing inspiration from things around, he is currently contributing to various fields of photography including, fine arts, travel, and landscape photography. He believes in bringing life's precious moments, cultures and traditions into limelight so he keeps organising Phototours and Photowalks in order to explore new areas with budding photographers and motivate them.

In 2016, Reddy judged Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the year and was elected treasurer by Andhra Pradesh state Academy of Photography in the year 2015. Other than these prestigious recognitions, he is a Fellow of Federation of Indian Photography (FFIP), Associate of Image Colleague Society International- California (AICS), Associate of (visual art panel) Royal Photographic Society- England, and an award for excellence in the field of photography by UNICEF is another feather in his achievements’ hat.

He is a visiting faculty to Khammam photo art club, Rural Development and self-employment training Institute, Telugu Art Photography, Photogenic Arts Circle, and Andhra Pradesh State Academy of Photography. He has been on the judging penal of various photography competitions and keeps guiding photography enthusiasts who look forward to build their career in this field. His passion towards photography brought him global acknowledgment and made him a proud adherent of photography. In spite of numerous technical advances in photography, he believes that photography is more human, intuitive and less mechanical.