Sagar Gosavi

The fascination to observe rare species of birds led Sagar Gosavi to mark his presence on a global photography scale while capturing them through not only his lens, but also his soul. He has been recognised by the WWF for exceptional work in the field of wildlife photography.

Having started photography to expand his interest in bird watching, Sagar Gosavi’s hobby took him towards documenting the Indian natural history through photography. Many years in the field and he has been acknowledged for capturing rare natural history moments in the farthest and remotest corners of India. Sagar is thoroughly conversant with geographies of Arunachal Pradesh and Trans Himalayas.

Sagar’s work is a display of his abilities to explore wildlife in the toughest conditions and terrain. He has successfully photographed the world's most elusive cat, a Snow Leopard at an altitude of 15800 feet in the Trans Himalayan Mountains. He has captured numerous species of birds, which include many rare species found in the untouched and unexplored parts of India.

Sagar has led several of photo tours, workshops and expeditions that helped over scores of amateur photographers to develop their skills in wildlife photography and take it to the next level. His mentoring has honed the skills of many photography enthusiasts over a period of time.

For his commendable work in the field of wild life photography, Sagar has received recognition from WWF and the reputed environment magazine, Sanctuary Asia. Other than that, he is renowned for his project on the birds of Himalayas and is looking forward to another project on Snow Leopards.