Vijay Shah

A nature and archaic-architecture enthusiast, Vijay Shah is a commercial photography veteran, working toward conducting wildlife and heritage photography tours. He also excels in wedding photography and has carved a niche for himself in the field.

Having spent most of his life meeting people from different walks of life, Vijay Shah has closely observed basic human behaviour and learned to bring it out in his pictorial presentation of moods and emotions. Vijay started out as a management graduate from Indore, who started dabbling in photography at an early age. With an ever increasing passion to capture moments, photography has become his lifeline today.

Having setup a full-fledged studio, Vijay specialises in high profile wedding and visual photography management. He is drawn towards covering the various wild habitats with his lens. Apart from using his skills in capturing moments, he meticulously monitors the post production quality output by installing best in class equipment to capture, edit and print. He firmly stands by the great mix of efforts combined by equipment and dedicated team mates.

Vijay has explored interests beyond commercial and returned to wildlife locations, historical monuments, heritage sites, buzzing city life and serene village locales. He strongly believes that the depth of an image is gauged by the depth of emotions.

Vijay has worked on The Luminaries project with the Dainik Bhaskar group in 2016 and also dedicated to the same this year. He has also judged several photography competitions in 2016. Now he is looking forward to conducting wildlife and heritage photo-tours in Madhya Pradesh.