Hybrid Workplace Solution – Introduced by COVID-19 Pandemic

Gartner, “Forecast Analysis: Remote Work IT Spending, Worldwide,”

January 5, 2021

“Gartner expects remote workers to increase by 41% in 2021 over 2019. The biggest change will see the share of knowledge workers working remotely (at least one day a week) increase from 27% in 2019 to 45% in 2022. Additionally, around 30% of remote workers are expected to remain permanently at home, while 30% work one day a week, with the other 40% working between one and four days.”

Flexibility is the fuel for an efficient workday.

A new hybrid workplace is evolving, changing how and when people use the office.This means workspaces need to be flexible and responsive to meet people’s and organizational needs. Collaborative technology and solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization and the departments within it, supply flexible cloud-based access and secure, automated workflows provide the sparkplug needed to get you there. With safe and secure tools, your organization can stimulate growth in any setting. Whether it’s through the power to print, copy and scan seamlessly the CAD designs, R&D designs or engineering drawings in personal or shared spaces or even for the employees working from home the drive to deliver the projects timely, Canon New PlotWave series is here to help. We’re committed to supporting you with our trusted portfolio of technology and solutions, along with a dedicated, nationwide service team with true local sales assistance to keep you productive. We can help move your business forward, regardless of size.

There’s no need to fear the workplace of the future if you’re prepared for it today.

Progress means being fundamentally equipped to tackle business from anywhere. Access our key areas of the collaborative workspace below to learn how you can help set your staff up for a successful integrated experience.


In changing working environment in offices, it is must to stay connected and secure with office network, systems, workflows and devices like printers whether you are on-site or off-site. Printing from many locations and sources is supported by the Canon PlotWave Series. With multiple workflow support like Publisher Mobile, you can preview and print files from your mobile phone or tablet. With Publisher Express, you can submit print files directly from the web without having printer driver installed. With Driver Select, the large format printer driver for Windows reduces errors and gives you first-time-right results with its clear and easy-to-use functionalities. With Driver Express, you can print PostScript files from Mac and Windows.


Set the health safety standard with smart solutions for any setting.


Organizations getting compromised by IT hacks and data theft are in the news regularly due to increase in remote working scenario in pandemic. There is an increasing need to prioritize data security & intellectual property protection.

Negative consequences: Financial losses, Damaged Reputation, Competitive disadvantage, impacting organization’s business, operations and compliance in the short term.

Many organizations don’t discuss and ask for data security while purchasing printers for their office assuming printers have to just print/copy/scan, data security can’t be responsibility of printer. Customers might not ask for it as they do not know data security is possible at printer and assume their current solution is ok. Organizations suffers the consequences when new designs leak out too early or when intellectual property gets in the wrong hands, even within the company.

People within organization made responsible for data security can be Heads of Design Departments /CAD managers, Security officials from IT, Department Heads of development / industrial design (R&D from manufacturers), etc

New PlotWave Series has SMARTshield security solution, to secure your large format printing, copying And scanning workflow, and safeguard your confidential designs & intellectual property now and in the future.