Why Canon Digital Production Printers are Preferred for Commercial use

February 14, 2022

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who is about to start a Print Setup or an established printer who has it all in their fingertips. As a business, one of the most important consideration is fulfil end customer orders in shortest possible time while keeping the cost under control. However, you cannot do all of that without a help from additional means of resources in hand. Here is exactly where a proven Digital production printing device can help you achieve all of this and more!

Can you imagine to print fifty thousand copies of a pamphlet with variable numbers one after another or two hundred copies of brochure instantly which may cost more time and money on offset or supported technologies? This is precisely why most of the Printer require Digital production printing at some point so as to create heavy and large-scale variable documents quickly and with full efficiency. Hence, to our rescue is the award-winning Production Print technology from Canon, designed to integrate seamlessly into any environment, whilst providing exceptional print quality.

To be fair, Digital Production printing is an absolute game-changer for businesses that also require to print short runs & variable data in Shortest time & save cost over traditional process. Its something which is desired to complement existing printing processes of an offset Printers. While the benefits of using Canon are quite evident already, below are a few extra positives that will put the Canon digital production printing in for a win!

Media Handling

Most important aspect for any Printer is ensure the Media which is printing traditionally in Offset to runs well on Digital Production Printers & Canon does it effectively for many of those papers with built in Paper Feeding and near perfect registration mechanism. (We would suggest you contact team Canon to ascertain Recommended Offset media & their Support on various Digital Printers as per specification)

Quality & Increased Productivity

The Canon Digital production printer not only makes production printing Quality-friendly as It prints default in 190lpi, but you can also increase your overall productivity because it saves you a lot more time than others you can imagine. It can save time by simply printing more per hour, per week and per month as compared to others. 


So, here is something you must keep in mind: Producing thousands of pages at once does not necessarily mean that it’s acceptable to compromise on quality. Canon production printers include automatic toner regulation to maintain a supreme consistency and high resolutions for crisp design and copies.

Save Money with Patented Technology

Production printers assemble the best and latest techniques to establish an extremely cost-effective and organized production system. From double-feed features to duplexing – it is always recommended to use certified machines that does not compromise on output. Hence, Canon’s technology has been designed in such a way that it reduces the total cost of print, by ensuring less wastages and more uptime to Print.

From entry-level digital printing machine to high volume commercial printing, Canon’s production range can actually help enhance, grow as well as streamline your specific print environment. No matter what your requirements are, if you’re opting for a Canon production printer, you’re not only choosing the best printer for commercial use, but also signing up for more versatility, more automation and better performance for your print.