Calibration Technologies

Canon imagePRESS Series engines have plethora of various In-built Color Technologies which ensures Accurate and Consistent Color reproduction for Print Applications.  Let’s look at various Built In Color Technologies on imagePRESS Series:

AGA  (Auto Gradation Adjustment) or Self Linearization Mechanism focuses on correcting single Colors densities of individual Colors of C, M, Y and K. In this Process, Color Patches are Printed and Read online on the machine with the help of Electronic Sensors to conduct Self Calibration of Devices.

ACCT (Auto Correct Color Tone) is extended AGA in which mixed colors are Printed and read by Engine & Printer is brought into the initial Condition based on values registered at time of Installation.

Shading Correction & Density Calibration (Spectrophotometer) -Canon imagePRESS also uses spectrophotometer device for shading Correction and Density Calibration. Shading Correction on imagePRESS bring more uniformity on Print Densities across In-board to Outboard edge. Density Calibration is used to define standard densities of CMYK on medias used for various Print applications.

MULTI DAT –Achieving Color Consistency is expertly important in long Print Run length for any customer & this is achieved by Built-In MULTI DAT Technology which adjust the toner gradation and density while Printing a Job. This real time density adjustment technology Prints and read multi density patches on Drum and ITB & correct color deviations, if any ,in real time.

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