Fusing Technology

Toner is fused/fixed on paper when its passed through the heated fusing system at relatively high speed and pressure on any Laser/Electrophotographic Printers. Fusing the toner to the substrate involves a combination of voltages and temperatures as well as toner particles Architecture of Fusing systems differ on various equipment as per design and toner properties. Currently , Canon employs 2 types of fusing technologies on its imagePRESS Color Series Equipment’s:

Dual fusing systems: The Current imagePRESS C10010VP/C9010VP have two fusing systems that work in tandem. Coated papers pass & unocated Paper Stocks above 150g/m2 pass thru both Fusing systems resulting on Gloss Optimized Print Finish results. These Printers are capable of running all supported paper gsm at rated Print speed of Printer.

Twin Belt Fuser: The imagePRESS C910/C810/C710 Series models have a single fusing system that uses technologies like, Induction Heat technology & an Advanced-Twin Belt Fuser system. These systems produce excellent results even on Texture Papers and also offer the ability to adjust for gloss optimization on Print Results

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