Translucent CV Toner

Canon’s imagePRESS color series products are designed to produce output with a more offset-like finish on qualified media. Additionally, It also supports gloss optimization a Newly developed feature which means adjusting gloss levels on Prints to try to match media gloss characteristics.  This is an inherent part of the Canon imagePRESS Color Equipment’s. The main contributor to achieve gloss optimization on imagePRESS machines is the new Translucent CV toner.

Canon’s CV (Consistently Vivid) toner for the imagePRESS series equipment’s are Micro-dispersed wax & pigment” Components. This Newly developed translucent CV toner has wider color Gamut which helps to reproduce Highly Saturated colors. The 5.5 microns Size Particles of CV Toner are designed to improve the melting performance during the fusing process so that smooth and consistent layers of toner can be applied to produce saturated colors on a wide range of media & it allows the gloss of the final print to be appropriate to the paper that it is printed on. Gloss of the toner could be better controlled with the right combination of toner formulation, fusing technology, and media-based controls. Gloss control is user controlled where a user can identify a new substrate by a few key characteristics (i.e., basis weight, coating, and substrate type) & system can make the appropriate adjustments to optimize gloss levels accordingly. This concept of “gloss optimization” was put into practice in earlier imagePRESS series as well and has been part of the product line ever since.

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